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    Techno Prank Call

    by , 09-11-2010 at 06:00 AM (464 Views)
    I had a medium-length detailed dream, of which I remember a fragment... it was lunch break at my school, but my school was some sort of residential summer program at some college that had a very environmental campus, incorporating caves into the architecture and stuff... in the restroom, instead of urinals or toilets there was a trough carved out into the dirt which you had to squat over, it was gross... I got lunch from some sort of cafeteria line, it was hot food (prepared), and sat at a table to eat lunch with some IRL friends... they were all only friends who are in a grade above mine, or in college, though, which is interesting... then, end of fragment, I woke up and went back to sleep...

    Next dream (this one is short, but I do remember all of it):

    I was in the downtown district of a city, walking around outside, when some guy called my cell phone. He used a soundboard of a guy with a synthesized, techno-sounding voice (with beats in the background whenever he talked) to supply his parts of the conversation... classic prank call.

    Then I went into a store, and leaned over a mannequin... this lady with black hair in a yellow shirt appeared, who had been prank called too. The guy making the calls appeared as well. They talked, then went into a dressing room to have sex even though the lady was a lesbian (?)... and then the dream ended.

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