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    1. I Have awoken (NSFW)

      by , 01-26-2020 at 02:01 AM
      So this dream's a little off

      It started with me and these guys in a podcast, and we were talking about furries. From what I can remember they were talking about drawing furry porn and I think trolling with it or something like that. In the dream however I was literally painting a drawing of an dinosaur, riding an ape. I don't know either. I also remember this part being long because I spent about 5 - 6 minutes fixing the leg of the ape and specifically trying to shade the genitalia on the ape correctly, apparently I was attempting it with the colour purple that I had a thought in the dream that 'due to the opacity and the colour it was being added onto, it had looked like a pink..' It was not anatomically correct, the dinosaur, as the genitalia was females but it just looked like a huge rip going into it's chest. I have no idea why the hell this part was vivid but oh well. It was a pretty good painting unironically though, it ended up turning out super well and shaded. Thank god it wasn't real.

      Next part of the dream is a little messed, but I think I went outside with the same guys on podcast. These guys kind of reminded me of Smosh (early 2010 - 2013) but I 100% don't remember their faces. We were having an outing and this other guy showed up and so did this other girl, she was kind of fat, she had blonde hair and was wearing a jump suit and a denim jacket (I think). She seemed pretty shy and I was glad she was, knowing my anxious personality. after awhile we all sat at this picnic table (there were two parallel eachother). Our one had been loaded with food and we began to eat, or specifically me and the other girl. The whole weird thing about this is that from the men I had this huge 'abusive' vibe coming from them. They all had moved to the parallel table, but then the girl came back and started eating with me again. We hadn't talked so this was basically a really boring filler.

      In the next part of the dream, I was back at a youth home I used to go to when I was younger, and all my washing from the last time I went there was still there, and it all had gotten dirty so I was putting it back into the washing machine. weirdly enough I remember a possum being in the washroom and just thinking 'ah so that's probably why'.

      I had went back to school and it was snowing, like really heavily!. for some reason we were literally meeting in this desert of snow! (we don't get snow in the area I live so this was kinda fascinating.) but for some reason we were being told we're going on camp again, last time I went to camp at school I remember getting heavily depressed since I had nobody to talk to, so I threw a tantrum in the dream and cried about it since I didn't want to goto camp again lol. in reality I didn't have a tantrum, I just sobbed about it in all honesty. However I remember just bouncing in the snow (convenient) and accidentally sitting too close and onto people without realizing and feeling really guilty.
    2. getting into the swing of things

      by , 01-25-2020 at 01:17 PM
      tonights dream was not interesting.

      So i was at school again and this kid (he kept on switching into two people) asked me to take the bus with him, and I agreed to do so, during this dream I kept on losing things and trying to find them again. I vividly remember going through my bag to find things I have lost and finding a Garfield toy in it (I'm neurodiverse and Garfield was one of my weird hyperfixations at one point and I was talking about it that night beforehand lol.)

      The only weird part was that he kept on hugging me whenever i was walking to leave school, and at one point in the dream.. he took his shirt off and hugged me??. And then once we went outside, me, him and my friend Minecraft kid all sat in a circle and another student from my school was throwing bullets (yes, with his hands) at me but they all landed beside me lol.

      Anyways, I'll try to get back into the swing on sharing dreams again, hopefully I'll rememeber my dream tonight. See ya'll this afternoon! (cause I messed up my sleep schedule like it's 1:17 am right now LOL)
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. My 7 year old brother severely self harming

      by , 03-13-2019 at 05:13 AM
      i had a dream that my little brother was cutting himself.

      he had no shirt on and his chest had super duper long cuts all over his chest and stomach and they were still bleeding, and tons of cuts on his arms, like he was covered in cuts.
      and i walked into him cutting himself on his arm and i was like
      'Johnathan why are you cutting yourself!?'

      and he got mad at me and yelled at me and said 'IT'S CAUSE YOU'RE NOT GOING TO SCHOOL!' and then i said to him
      'you idiot, I've been going to a mental health course for the past 2 months. that's why i haven't been at school;
      then I woke up
    4. first lucid dream of 2019

      by , 02-09-2019 at 04:40 AM
      forgot to tell you guys about this, but i had my first lucid dream of 2019 [usually i have unexpected lucid dreams 10 times a year]

      uh so basically,i was in m y room, and there were my little pony characters everywhere and i was trying to explain it to this girl and stuff and she kept calling me an animal abuser, and when i mentioned the cutie marks i just explained them as 'tattoos that you get during puberty' then she told me it was abuse to the horses and animals
      then she walked away and right when i walked outside i became lucid, and i didnt know what to do so i was just like 'ALRIGHT IMMA FUCK YOU!!'
      So i spawned her back in, and then pushed her down to the floor and raped her and i started moaning and stuff, then i realized i was just on my bed then i fell off of it,
      i went outside and tried to fly... AND SUCCEEDED!, But the first few seconds felt like i was pulling on all my muscles and bones and it really hurt, THEN I FINALLY FLEW, BUT I WENT WAY TOOOO FAST as a song was playing in the backgroumd, i forgot what it was, but I felt really sick when I was flying then I woke up.
      Tags: lol
    5. 2/4/19

      by , 02-04-2019 at 12:13 PM
      Thisdream was weird as hell, a bit gross mind you, but weird as hell!!.
      if you don't mind hearing about peoples ten thousand inch transgender penis then continue reading...

      So, it started out in school...i was in class, then this classmate came up to me and said that he was sorry for some reason. Then I decided to sign him out of my class cause I didn't like him, after this I got bored and went to the school windows and drew ROBLOX porn, then i wrote 'lol im not drawing roblox porn' then had the intent to draw roblox vore! which i didnt do since the dream transitioned to where i met my partner in real lie again, and we were gonna have sex or something but we went into a car and he took off his clothes and showed me his 543583535487348573485345837583753485734853748 inch penis and it was so gross, then he ended up in a car crash and he got sent to hospital but i wasnt allowed to go.... i felt really sad.

      to compensate i got a cat and it really hated me, the end!!
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. 2/3/19

      by , 02-03-2019 at 02:00 AM
      I was in my room, and i was looking on steam and there were really cute plushies and fursuit heads on there,and of course like any dream all the items on the store appeared on the floor in my room, and i was talking about how cute they were!!. and i took some of course, then i went to the lounge and something had happened to my friend, she was my friend from primary school too.

      I don't know what happened, but it was..like.. she was away for a very long time or something, also wahtever it was it was really really hard to convince her. After this happened, i went to school and Noj was there except this time he didnt look like a fat indian/ajit pai, he was brown haired and wearing a trench coat [appropiate for school... definitely.] and we were tallking and stuff, then he jokingly sat away from me and it made me sad in dream.

      then the rest of the dream, we had an assignment which wasw just to rate games, i was rating minecraft of course and i dont remember the rest.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Feburary Second

      by , 02-02-2019 at 12:24 AM
      last night I had a dream that I was in my house, in the hallway to be specific. I was just playing on my computer then I noticed the door opened, I went up and closed the door but it was like the door was only half a door??..

      anyways everyone started waking up, and they were all chilling in the hall way, then they all decided to start putting bombs everywhere in the hallway, and they kept exploding and going off... and the front door was open aswell, this was super irritating for me.. this happened for 10 minutes of non stop front door opening and bombs then I just took my computer and went to my room.

      I went on the computer and went on my emails, which were all young children who used MMD. I was talking to them and screenshotting their emails and details, then this old women who I suppose was a teacher came up and said she needed my laptop and looked through all the screenshots and closed out of all of them and questioned what the emails were about.

      she then gave me my laptop back, and I went on YouTube, I was watching this MMD video, it was hating on a user who used to post in 2010. it wasn't for any good reason might I add, it was just cause their posts were considered cringey. After watching for awhile, I ended up talking to Noj.

      I was telling Noj how most of my friends are 17 to 40 years old. I was playing said friends videos and they all involved spiders crawling everywhere...

      after this I transported to some anime world, and i could choose how I looked. so I did, then I went onto my laptop in now said anime world.. and there was porn on it.. but anime porn of course.. then I was able to choose the characters so I just chose two anime people and they started doing sexual things, not to eachother just to themselves...

      then my friend gavin came along, and he said he hated me cause my avatar/appearance is custom, he went to the kitchen then I went there and started doing a whip and nae nae dance to piss him off.. which I then found foolish then walked away.


      something from this dream is missing, but i dont recall it sadly but here it is.
      Tags: anime, nsfw, weird
    8. Finally, A WEIRD DREAM! :D

      by , 02-01-2019 at 12:40 AM
      Tonights dream.. was FINALLY WEIRD! OH BOY! I missed having dreams like this! all my dreams used to be sooo weird then once i started dream journaling they were sooo normal and boring UGH!! But finally! I have a weird dream Like I normally did!..

      So, it started in school, I was just talking with people and stuff and sitting in my chair at my desk, then I went on youtube.. and saw that SOMEONE HACKED MY ACCOUNT AND POSTED CHILD PORN ON IT!!, literally! I was watching some of the videos and it was just really lotioned looking fillipino girls from ages 4 - 8.. they were clothed of course, but then some old guys hand came on and pulled down their pants and stuff, No i'm not a pedophile.. idk why this happened but I'm happy about how weird it is.

      after this, I met my partner in real life. we were just standing in the dark outside of these houses. He told me this was his city, that it costed him 170$ and he told me there are 70 people living in it, he called it Spiderman... lol. this city was just one huge cluttered weird house apartment thingy, and it was hard to navigate through. Also, for some reason he was a fat indian and kinda looks like Ajit Pai, when irl hes really white and looks like a emo hipster.

      after talking for awhile, I was gonna leave since the conversation was kinda awkward and told him i'd talk to him again on discord, but instead of leaving i got lost then came back, I went to the oven which played songs then it started playing my music playlist then i made sure to pause it on the oven, but it didn't work.

      My partner then collapsed to the floor and was dying, really ill or having a seizure, not sure what happened, and i had a cup of water and noticed a bug in it, i tried taking it out then this guy helping him just yelled at me and said ''YOU CARE MORE ABOUT A STUPID BUG THAN YOUR OWN BOYFRIEND??'' And I just quietly said ''I have a phobia of bugs...''

      after this, I went on discord and he was online and he was messaging me, his name 'oh yeah, my boy Hivie' [I'm Hivie.] then I started singing My boy by Billie Ellish, the lyrics I sang in the dream was 'My boy, my boy, my boy, don't love me like he promised..' which is really depressing now thinking about it, then I sent the lyrics to him, and sent a really bad animation i made of some neon randomly coloured mammoth lip syncing it BADLY, there was no audio either so I worried he wouldn't be able to tell.


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      Tags: discord, funny, lol, weird
      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    9. 31st Janurary

      by , 01-31-2019 at 01:22 AM
      Tonights dream wasn't very interesting but oh well.
      I'll write what I remember,

      So, first off it started off with me in the living room, and my mum wanted to get mcdonalds?.... i say ? because she was asking what toy I wanted, which lead me to say some sort of pokemon then there was a problem, she asked what pokemon i wanted again and I said sylveon then she repeated it a few times angrily. then she went back to the phone and said sylveon angrily.

      i dont remember what happened, but all i remember is that i was on reddit and i made subreddit for girls about a certain thing but i dont remember what, just leaving that in here, anyways moving on. [yes im a girl but i leave my profile on male cuz i like it]

      further on, i teleported to school, we were in the hall and i felt really weird cause I wasn't meant to be at school, sitting there everyone performing waiting for it to stop.. then it stopped, i left and started walking to the exit of the school.

      these kids asked me where i was going, i said i wasnt meant to be at school and they were getting mad at me and they stole my bag, i kept running to go home, tehn i saw my class outside doing a play thing, and i ended up running all over the place, going in 3d person mode too it felt like i was holding a controller, after running around for so long i saw one of my school mates tied up, i knew it was for the play but i just ended up untying her anyways.

      then i owke up
    10. Trigger warning, comments disabled.

      by , 01-30-2019 at 02:58 AM
      last night I had a really depressing dream, Even a little hesitant to write this but I'll do it anyways.
      if you suffer from depression or have depressing thoughts or are sensitive to suicide and stuff dont read.
      if u wanna read the non depressing part do Ctrl + F and write 5600 then goto that part

      So, todays dream starting in the living room, i was laying on the floor on my computer, then my mum came in and called me stupid and insulting me and telling me she wanted me to die, I began to think about this alot and then just came to the conclusion I should die

      i went on the internet and told all my friends how I was gonna kill myself, thinking about what my mother had told me and then bringing it to myself and building it up with reasons as to why I should.


      Then I teleported to school, still feeling the way I was, still on my phone telling others venting, except this time my Toxic friend was sitting with me, being annoying and such and rude and pushy like usual. i finished my work quickly, then went to my dorm so i could get away from her.

      I was getting dressed for some reason, then I realized I accidentally took someone elses skirt, and had three white shoes instead of two, I brushed it off and was like 'wow im so silly hehe'. I looked to my left where a closet was, and i saw an eye peeping out staring at me, I opened the closet and it was my old school friend, I was wondering what the hell? and he said he was hiding from something cause he was scared.

      I closed the closet, then I woke up in my bed [in dream]. and saw my mother looking in my room angrily then walking back to the living room, i stood out of bed and checked the time on my computer, it was 9:12 pm. So, you know what I did?

      I got my sleeping bag, went outside, sat on my front porch stairs, and put it on and slept, and this bus went past and looked at me [the people in it, not the bus lol], then i got out, ran across the corner and I saw my backyard, it was sooo huge!! there were no fences either btw but it was humoungous! it was a huge mountain and stuff it was so epic..

      Then, I heard giant foot steps and scary growling.. so I started running away, but really slowly cause its a dream and in draems you run really slowly. then I a helicopter picked me up, and we flew to the monster and I said 'Say sorry!' then the monster looked down really sad and said 'okay...' while sad.
      then i woke up.
    11. NSFW... Also what the freak

      by , 01-28-2019 at 09:42 PM
      in last nights dream, it was pretty much a blur but from what I can recall... warning semi NSFW

      I was at this place, and they were selling these potion doll things? now just a note, these things were popular but im not sure why exactly but i do remember they were, and i got one for speed then I left, I thin it was my daydream character again, but I went into his car.. with skydoesminecraft.

      So, skydoesminecraft was sitting at the back I was sitting in passenger, while this dude was driving they were talking and such, then we got home, the guy parked, skydoesminecraft left the car but still talked to him outside the window, then the guy kneeled down in his chair, rolled the window, put his pants down, put his genitals out... then skydoesminecraft kissed it then walked off.

      not joking, I literally dreamnt this wtf..

      anyways, I went into my house and saw my little brother on his laptop, but he was looking at porn?! at 7 years old?! i looked again and he was using bing search engine but he put so many viruses on it that the background was literally horrific BDSM and torture porn in the background and whenever you searched anything that's all taht came up.

      anyways heres togniths dream
    12. I hate school! also tea towel pelvis anime owo

      by , 01-28-2019 at 12:29 AM
      Hola Senoritas and Senors, heres tonights dream, I was highly scared that I forgot the entirety of my dream last night! but then it came back to me.

      So, in tonights dream... I was on my phone looking at someones instagram, then I noticed that the stuff in their room appeared in my room, I got my little brother to look at all. We noticed that most of the items in there were items we already had then I said 'I guess we can't take items we don't have already.' but we took everything we could get, then the person that we were taking the stuff from came in, and put all the stuff back. i looked back on it again, and she was pretending to be a baby and all that stuff and I was just like what the hell?.

      after that, I left the house and went to school at 4 am on sunday, then I noticed everyone started coming and I was freaking out, apparently i checked the time and it was already Thursday! what!. Thankfully, my social worker picked me up then took me to this place to just talk to me and stuff, then she took me to this room in this building and it had these 3 guys in it and her,

      I'm pretty sure one of the guys was from my daydream life, to elaborate: I'm always daydreaming, even now I am, and I usually imagine I live in this house with these people in it and we're all friends and stuff, though I don't really control it it just kinda happens y'know?, So it's just a second life happening in the background, anyways other than my craziness..

      they were playing this game, it was like a 3D anime game, and they were choosing their characters, and one of them was this 3D anime girl with long black hair and a japanese swimsuit, then they decided it'd be funny to add a tea towel on the front of her pelvis, then we all laughed hysterically at this tea towel that was placed on her pelvis. After this I left with my social worker, and it was like 9 pm.

      This guy came with me too, not sure who it was, I have a feeling it might've been my internet friend Gavin again but not too sure, and we went to the backyard and it was snowing and everything and it was amazing, I got some ice skates and told them to put it on and told them ''if you put these on you can skate across the snow'', we happily did so then I woke up.


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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. I'm ugly. :(

      by , 01-26-2019 at 11:19 PM
      Last nights dream is hard to fit into chronological order but I'll try

      So I was in this really fluffy cloud place, with houses and stuff, but It was a game I was playing I guess. It was an anime waifu collector game and all the anime characters were 3D and in maid dresses of different colours, and I could talk to them and just play with them and stuff. So for awhile, i was talking to this one girl near this water fall thing, not sure what we were talking about but she had dark purple short emo hair and a purple maid dress, then after awhile I noticed I got a new character, it opened up this inventory and it showed all the 'Waifus' [i hate the word waifu] I had, with the new one.

      After I got a new one, a popup appeared, it was a quest and it literally said ''Give one of your waifus depression and then try to make her feel better!" with an icon of a black potion on the side of it.


      in the other half of the dream, i was with my nana, we were looking at stuff in stores and crap, then i looked in the mirror and noticed, I was really ugly.. my teeth were pushed really foward maing my mouth pop out alot, really huge teeth that had orange stains on them that u just have the urge to brush away.

      I don't remember the rest, but I do remember at the end I watched the first episode of the simpsons where bart was wearing eric cartmans clothes from south park and lisa was severely deformed

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. My brain fell out

      by , 01-25-2019 at 11:31 PM
      Last nights dream... was weird.
      I almost forgot this dream aswell, When I woke up I forgot literally EVERYTHING.. then it all came back to me and i felt relieved.

      I was like, in this little wooden cave thing, but the thing was EVERYTHING was in Japanese so this guy showed us how to translate it, and he went to this chest and I looked in it aswell and it then when I did, animal crossings inventory showed up with two items in it, these were both Japanese to English translators. I took both of them and then walked away..

      I was in the kitchen, not sure why, then I was at the sink because.... my face fell off, or a large half of my head fell off along with my brain, I was freaking out, with my face and brain in hand, I was asking everyone if I was gonna be okay and everyone assured me that I wouldn't die and I'd be fine, I took pictures of the half of my face and brain and posted it to a vore forum [if you don't know what vore is.... to sum it up, it's sexual cannibalism though I didn't post it for those reasons.]

      I remember this girl who I know, named Bread [not an online friend, just someone I know of online] asked me to show her pictures, and I went through google image search to find the images and showed them to her.

      After all the brain falling out shenanigans, I noticed because of this I also had no teeth and just gums, so i kept licking my gums and I showed them to my little brother, and he was like WHAT THE HELL?!.

      As the dreams ending, I took out the japanese translator, and tried it, and it didnt work, it made everything just little symbols. then I woke up
      Tags: weird
    15. Preparing for a My Little Pony convention

      by , 01-25-2019 at 12:02 AM
      My stupidity! No seriously, I had a dream last night but I woke up in the middle of the night and i was like 'should I wake up to write this down?' then just went back to bed, now when I woke up I don't remember that dream and I barely even remember this dream I had when I went back to sleep. But nonetheless, not all is forgotten so I'll write what I have.


      Last night I dreamed that me and my Discord friends we're all chilling on the couches in my living room, my friend who is named Gavin [he is a dark blonde boy with glasses and a white shirt and khaki pants] mentioned that we should goto this my little pony convention he had found, everyone else got mad at him and told him how stupid that was and he shouted and tried to persuade us to join [i wasn't getting mad i was just watching] and then he finally did

      and everyone nonchalantly went to the shower to get washed and ready, me and Gavin talked for awhile while I was laying down on the couch, and I looked at my very hairy legs. I just said to him ''I think I should go shower now.'' then a thought popped into my head, ''Wait, did literally everyone go into the shower together??'' I looked in there, guessing that when people went into the shower they'd be teleported to a different one but nope, they were all taking a shower together then I left.

      Me and Gavin ventured to my parents room, I then realized I couldn't cosplay as I didn't have anything to cosplay with, so instead I got some arm bands, three minecraft arm bands and two discord arm bands since that's all I had. I put them on then I woke up.


      I guess my dreams aren't that interesting what so ever, whenever I remember a dream they're usually really weird but I guess its since i don't like remembering my boring dreams

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