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    first lucid dream of 2019

    by , 02-09-2019 at 04:40 AM (238 Views)
    forgot to tell you guys about this, but i had my first lucid dream of 2019 [usually i have unexpected lucid dreams 10 times a year]

    uh so basically,i was in m y room, and there were my little pony characters everywhere and i was trying to explain it to this girl and stuff and she kept calling me an animal abuser, and when i mentioned the cutie marks i just explained them as 'tattoos that you get during puberty' then she told me it was abuse to the horses and animals
    then she walked away and right when i walked outside i became lucid, and i didnt know what to do so i was just like 'ALRIGHT IMMA FUCK YOU!!'
    So i spawned her back in, and then pushed her down to the floor and raped her and i started moaning and stuff, then i realized i was just on my bed then i fell off of it,
    i went outside and tried to fly... AND SUCCEEDED!, But the first few seconds felt like i was pulling on all my muscles and bones and it really hurt, THEN I FINALLY FLEW, BUT I WENT WAY TOOOO FAST as a song was playing in the backgroumd, i forgot what it was, but I felt really sick when I was flying then I woke up.
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      Sex. sex everywhere!