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    I'm ugly. :(

    by , 01-26-2019 at 11:19 PM (174 Views)
    Last nights dream is hard to fit into chronological order but I'll try

    So I was in this really fluffy cloud place, with houses and stuff, but It was a game I was playing I guess. It was an anime waifu collector game and all the anime characters were 3D and in maid dresses of different colours, and I could talk to them and just play with them and stuff. So for awhile, i was talking to this one girl near this water fall thing, not sure what we were talking about but she had dark purple short emo hair and a purple maid dress, then after awhile I noticed I got a new character, it opened up this inventory and it showed all the 'Waifus' [i hate the word waifu] I had, with the new one.

    After I got a new one, a popup appeared, it was a quest and it literally said ''Give one of your waifus depression and then try to make her feel better!" with an icon of a black potion on the side of it.


    in the other half of the dream, i was with my nana, we were looking at stuff in stores and crap, then i looked in the mirror and noticed, I was really ugly.. my teeth were pushed really foward maing my mouth pop out alot, really huge teeth that had orange stains on them that u just have the urge to brush away.

    I don't remember the rest, but I do remember at the end I watched the first episode of the simpsons where bart was wearing eric cartmans clothes from south park and lisa was severely deformed
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    1. HumbleDreamer's Avatar
      Yep! These kind of mirror distortion dreams are always fun. Never underestimate the power of your subconscious. Your mind can do some funky things in your dreams. Next time you could do some reality checks. Or you can learn how to change it. Just saying.
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