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    My brain fell out

    by , 01-25-2019 at 11:31 PM (165 Views)
    Last nights dream... was weird.
    I almost forgot this dream aswell, When I woke up I forgot literally EVERYTHING.. then it all came back to me and i felt relieved.

    I was like, in this little wooden cave thing, but the thing was EVERYTHING was in Japanese so this guy showed us how to translate it, and he went to this chest and I looked in it aswell and it then when I did, animal crossings inventory showed up with two items in it, these were both Japanese to English translators. I took both of them and then walked away..

    I was in the kitchen, not sure why, then I was at the sink because.... my face fell off, or a large half of my head fell off along with my brain, I was freaking out, with my face and brain in hand, I was asking everyone if I was gonna be okay and everyone assured me that I wouldn't die and I'd be fine, I took pictures of the half of my face and brain and posted it to a vore forum [if you don't know what vore is.... to sum it up, it's sexual cannibalism though I didn't post it for those reasons.]

    I remember this girl who I know, named Bread [not an online friend, just someone I know of online] asked me to show her pictures, and I went through google image search to find the images and showed them to her.

    After all the brain falling out shenanigans, I noticed because of this I also had no teeth and just gums, so i kept licking my gums and I showed them to my little brother, and he was like WHAT THE HELL?!.

    As the dreams ending, I took out the japanese translator, and tried it, and it didnt work, it made everything just little symbols. then I woke up

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    Tags: weird