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    Preparing for a My Little Pony convention

    by , 01-25-2019 at 12:02 AM (141 Views)
    My stupidity! No seriously, I had a dream last night but I woke up in the middle of the night and i was like 'should I wake up to write this down?' then just went back to bed, now when I woke up I don't remember that dream and I barely even remember this dream I had when I went back to sleep. But nonetheless, not all is forgotten so I'll write what I have.


    Last night I dreamed that me and my Discord friends we're all chilling on the couches in my living room, my friend who is named Gavin [he is a dark blonde boy with glasses and a white shirt and khaki pants] mentioned that we should goto this my little pony convention he had found, everyone else got mad at him and told him how stupid that was and he shouted and tried to persuade us to join [i wasn't getting mad i was just watching] and then he finally did

    and everyone nonchalantly went to the shower to get washed and ready, me and Gavin talked for awhile while I was laying down on the couch, and I looked at my very hairy legs. I just said to him ''I think I should go shower now.'' then a thought popped into my head, ''Wait, did literally everyone go into the shower together??'' I looked in there, guessing that when people went into the shower they'd be teleported to a different one but nope, they were all taking a shower together then I left.

    Me and Gavin ventured to my parents room, I then realized I couldn't cosplay as I didn't have anything to cosplay with, so instead I got some arm bands, three minecraft arm bands and two discord arm bands since that's all I had. I put them on then I woke up.


    I guess my dreams aren't that interesting what so ever, whenever I remember a dream they're usually really weird but I guess its since i don't like remembering my boring dreams
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