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    1. Mugwort Lucid

      by , 02-23-2023 at 12:33 PM
      So I decided to try having some Mugwort tea last night and had a bizarre lucid as a result.

      I was in a dream, I don't remember the details of it, when suddenly I realized I was dreaming. I began to feel myself waking up so I repeated "this dream stabilizes" until suddenly an eye formed out of the darkness. It scared me but I stayed calm and continued repeating the phrase until a full scene materialized. I was looking at myself laying in the bed in the darkness like there was a giant mirror right in front of me. Both of my eyes were scarily wide. The suddenly I felt like I got sucked out of my bed into a vortex and then I was flying. What followed was a fast paced barrage of changing scenes, many of which I don't quite remember. I remember one where I wanted to go underwater and suddenly I was. A group of mermaids swam past and for some reason I decided the last one should become evil. She did and turned around and attacked me. I also remember a scene on a treetop with three giant frogs and me eating one, thinking it would taste like "meat" (whatever that means) but it tasted like nothing.

      Oddly enough, despite most peoples' reports on Mugwort, this lucid actually felt less vivid than some of my previous ones. It felt like some of my actions weren't my own and I remember wanting to wake up at one point because my dream-logic mind thought "this is boring, lucid dreaming isn't as interesting as I thought it was". It almost felt like it was someone else's thoughts and actions, even though I was lucid. Part of the haziness could potentially be contributed to the fact that I had this dream only 1 1/2 hours after I went to bed, which is the first time I've ever had a lucid that early into the night. Maybe because the REM cycle was shorter than the morning ones it made for a less vivid dream.

      I think I would try Mugwort again, but next time I think I might try it with WBTB so I can see how it affects my early morning REM cycles. Hopefully next time it will allow for a longer and more vivid lucid, rather than one where I don't feel like myself.