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    Alligator eggs and new Zelda

    by , 05-03-2011 at 04:12 PM (668 Views)
    I'm reading a book in my living room when my mom, my friends mom, and her boyfriend or something walk out of my kitchen toward the front door. They say there gonna watch a movie in the guys expensive car that has 4 t.vs in it, I kind of drown out what they say about it but I can see a picture of the front cover in my mind, it's like an oil drum going into a big vortex, I say no lol.

    I'm in some kind of board game land. I'm just outside the house I'm supposed to be living in. My dog is fed these jelly alligator looking things, like dead little alligators with no bones, just a mesh of transparent red jelly like flesh and a white fatty substance. While my dog is eating it I notice that the red stuff and the white stuff become more distinct from each other the deeper it goes. I pick it up and kind of look around. I find a red heart and open it up. Inside is a little white sack. I go inside the house to show somebody and my mom is sitting at a desk on a computer. While showing her I squeeze it too hard and all these little spherical eggs pop out. My mom suddenly becomes Geddy Lee from Rush. The computer is playing a Rush video from like 1976 (which he says he gets a little self conscious about lol) and looks mad at me like I've asked him to sit here and watch it. He gets up and leaves. Then he turns back into my mom and shes like sorry I got mad these eggs are actually a really cool finding. hahaha wtf

    I'm in my grandpop's living room with some family and some family friends. I ask my mom if she's ever been in a band. She answers immediately yes. My Grandfather's band Integro (which I assume is my unconscious's best guess for "Integrity" in Italian lol) They say there's a movie about it somewhere in the house and I feel like I've seen parts of it before so I ask my dad to help me find it. I look under a piece of furniture and for some reason a pokemon game I assumed was mine (a ds version of ruby lol) was broken under one of the legs of the chair. I turn to my brother and I'm like doesn't this suck... and he looks like he doesn't care and he's like eh, while playing his own game, and I'm like yeah you wouldn't be like that if it happened to you. My dad finds some like 1950s movie he used to like and puts it in the vcr. I'm like wtf is this I want to watch the one we were looking for. He ignores me and keeps on about how its so funny. I'm like "This movie F***in sucks" and go to hit the eject button. He try's to pull me away from it and we're sitting there struggling with each others hands until I wake up lol.

    I'm walking down my old houses street and find my old skateboard all beat up and worn. Next thing I remember I'm with a friend who I used to skateboard with and I tell him that I just ordered a new skateboard and he tells me the trucks I ordered make are one of the worst. I tell him that I should just return it when I get it because I don't skate anymore anyway lol.

    Next dream I remember is that I'm Link in a new Zelda game. I start at a little wooden house. There are other wooden houses in a row parallel to that one with fields of green in between. There are woods you can't go through on the bottom and the top, making sure you go through all the houses. I experience actually being Link, but I also have a bird's eye view of the game at the same time. After walking through a house with an old man in it who tells me about my journey, I see a sword in a stone with the triforce on it. I pull it out and beams of light come out of the stone. The story of the game flashes to two kids hiding in an attic type place. I experience being one of them and feel like my brother is the other. Everything was in surreal cartoonish graphics of the Windwaker. We're hiding in the mansion we live in from our ultra strict family. The feeling is really scary, like life or death depends on our hiding. We hear the maid opening the attic type door and we know we have to take her out, so right when she opens the door I jump straight on her so we hit the floor high up from the attic type place hopefully knocking her out. We find ourselves in a cellar, it turns out the "attic" was a pantry storage in the basement. We walk around the huge mansion trying to find a way out I guess and hear a bunch of people coming. We get separated trying to hide and I find a little nook between two staircases. It was a really weird room because there were like 4 stair cases kind of intertwining each other. I feared my life as all these people were passing by me. They were getting ready for dinner. A few old people passed by the nook real slowly and I hoped they wouldn't turn. A girl passed by me really exited and saying how hungry she was. Finally a big lady walks real slowly by, and sits in a chair facing my line of sight. She acts like she doesn't see me and asks why are you hiding? I promise.... something I don't remember... if you just tell me. I knew I couldn't say anything and that I had to get out of there and I woke up.

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