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    A bunch

    by , 04-23-2011 at 07:55 PM (801 Views)
    no lucids :( my dream recall is getting much better though :)

    First one I remember I'm at a small concert hall to watch my friend Dave play piano (which he doesn't) with a famous piano player he admires. Before the show a few people I know and some people I kinda knew from school who I never talked to were sitting on couches, I wanted to sit with the people who I knew were friends but this girl was laying down taking up a whole couch next to them so I asked her to move or something, so were sitting there and I have a feeling the girl next to me is getting mad because I'm not saying anything and I don't feel like talking I guess so I just lean on my side pretending to get myself comfortable to sleep, my friend on the other couch does the same and says good-night as a joke and I'm like good night and the girl and her wigger friends get mad and leave and I'm like ya'll leavin? daaaaaamnnn, there like whatever and leave,

    next thing I remember I'm in the passenger seat of my dads van with my brother in the back and my dads complaining about how george bush changed the seat belt laws to screw people over hahah we get to an apartment complex where we live apparently and go into our apartment. I start humming the beginning riff of the song Black Sabbath and my brothers eyes get really wide and hes like WHAT IS THAT and I'm like black sabbath lol

    I'm in a big house with my family and another family, like our distant cousins or something. Everyone's eating cereal and I look into one box that is all marsh mellows haha for some reason I ask them if they have boo berry but they say there all out lol Some people are opening presents for some reason, I find one that they looked over and show someone.

    Next thing I remember I'm outside of my old elementary school with people from school I know, we find out we can fly so everyone tries it at the same time. For some reason I feel like I already knew I could and did it before so I fly really high when there still not very high off the ground. So were just flying around and next thing I know I'm in this girls room who I remember from school who I thought was cute. We're just flying around having fun pushing each other around in the air and stuff, after a while I wonder if I should try to kiss her, I decide to go for it and wake up.

    I go back to sleep and dream about being in a water park. There's a snack bar there that is selling these hot dog type things. I'm just messing with the people working there by saying stuff to them because I think its funny for some reason haha the owner with a foreign accent gives me one of the things they're selling for free. I look at it and drop it on the floor making a big mess. I walk away and start climbing up a water slide hahah I become concerned that the people coming down might fall off because I'm there and I wake up.

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