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    by , 04-21-2011 at 06:50 PM (753 Views)
    Ok I had one big dream but it's sort of a blur besides a few events.

    I was in a one floor, medium sized apartment complex on a beach with my family, friends and a bunch of other people I didn't know, some who I considered friends in the dream. We we're all there because we signed up for some program, I felt like I was forced to be there though. We were all in a living room type place and people were being called to come into another room, eric cartmen from south park was next to me lol We were both called in at the same time. Theres a south park episode where they thought they discovered that eating with your butt is healthier lol and thats what the program was trying to surgically do in the other room... eric was like OOHHHHH NO, UH UH, and stormed away trying to escape and I joined him, the people we're telling us that its illegal to leave and that we had to go with the program but we managed to escape out a door.

    That night I was laying in my assigned room in the complex and decided to sneak out the window. The shore was right outside. I met up with some friends from real life and some that I never seen before but still considered friends lol. We were sitting on a wooden boardwalk type porch talking and stuff. I was talking to one girl who said she just wanted to stare at the stars and I was like no way, thats so awesome, I like the way you think. We drifted away from the group and walked on the beach. We finally got to a nice place, laid down on the sand and looked up. The stars were way more sparkly and brighter than real life, it was cool. The girl I was with said something to the effect "I like being here with you" and something about the stars maybe and cuddled up really close next to me, the feeling was awesome. Next thing I know it's morning and my brother is pouring sea water out of a bucket on my head to wake me up on the beach with some family and friends I know laughing around me, I get mad and punch him in the shoulder. I think about what just happened more and feel kinda bad but realize that the water only soaked half of my hair where the other half was sandy so I tell him to do it again hahah. I go back to my room and look at a collection of these weird little creatures that the girl and I collected, some of them creatures that don't exist like this little baby turtle/mudkip thing with really cool green fur on the bottom lol two cricket looking things escape from out of the collection and I don't mind, I just watch them head for the door. They go to the half open door, one climbs up the side facing us, the other climbs up the short side that has the lock, they meet each others heads at the 90 degree angle and turn into butterflies, I wake up.

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