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    Damsel in distress/ brief lucidity

    by , 05-07-2011 at 08:11 PM (566 Views)
    I dreamt that a few people and I were in a wooden house that looked like a store, like a gift shop you'd find at a ski resort or something like that. I think it was storming really bad I can't really remember but people we're scared that something bad was going to happen, like bad people or a tornado was coming maybe. Everyone was advised to hide somewhere better than the room we were in so I went into a smaller room and found a crawlspace door, I crawled though that and found my self in a full sized hallway with more rooms, the hallway slanted down like it was going underground and I went into the room on the bottom and found another crawlspace door that again slanted down and led to one room. I suddenly heard a girl screaming all the way from the main room and figured she was being attacked. Although I felt like I had a good hiding spot and wanted to stay there I needed to help her so I started to run through the crawlspace and stopped suddenly when I realized I should probably find something hard to knock the attackers out with so I went back into the room I was in frantically searching for something when I suddenly became lucid. I woke up about 3 seconds after into sleep paralysis and tried to slip back into my dream state. I could move my dream body around lucidly so I started waving my arms around which made my dream state stronger. I could faintly see myself in a dream but I lost lucidity and lost track of memory from then on.

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