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    flying over landscape lucid

    by , 01-08-2012 at 11:39 PM (525 Views)
    I had a lucid where I was flying in a foresty landscape of hills with a road and some sparse buildings, a lot like my environment in RL. I was only about 15 meters high and could barely see past the horizon on the top of the closest hills, but they were still fairly far away and I could see them vividly. I wanted to fly higher to get a vaster view of the landscape, but when I attempted it seemed that I didn't have very much control over where I flew. I managed to fly a little higher and toward a position relative to two close hills that gave a view of an opening between them of more distant hills. While I was dreaming I kept thinking that maybe I wasn't able to get the vast view I wanted because I haven't seen it in RL yet, and that maybe I could only vividly imagine what I'm used to actually seeing. Maybe that thought hampered the possibility.

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