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    rare "fighter birds"

    by , 06-07-2011 at 02:38 AM (701 Views)
    I had a pretty cool dream today while napping. I was in some kind of jungle where I was sent to document a story about this kid from a native tribe. He was about my age, and he was known to have a talent and passion for climbing the trees and searching for rare "fighter birds" a set of rare species of little colorful hummingbird-like birds who were known to fight with each other in the tree tops lol. The dream started with him and I at the base of a HUGE tree, all the trees in the jungle were huge. There was a huge root at the base of the tree that was used like stairs and led to a wooden tree house around the height where the tree branches started. We started walking up and got close to the tree house. As he started to climb the branches to show me where he searches for the birds, I noticed a really strange bird to my right sitting on another tree branch level to my eye sight. The bird had the coolest turquoise sheen on his face and other strange colored feathers I can't really remember/explain but they were very vivid and textured with other visual phenomenon I couldn't really name. I picked up my camera that was hanging from my neck and aimed for it immediately. I either dropped the camera or made a click sound to turn it on, but I made a noise and it heard me and turned to me startled. I thought "great I scared it, now it's gonna fly away" but it didn't. It stared at me for a few seconds and flew toward me. I was kinda scared lol, I didn't know what this exotic thing could do to me so I jumped off the tree root I was on, which was high enough to have normally injured me but I was fine. Right before I jumped it swooped right above my head. I ran back up the root and into the tree house. While I stood at the back of the tree house, looking out the door, my dream cut to a scene of a big tiger approaching the area. Then I realized maybe the bird wasn't trying to attack me but trying to warn me about the approaching tiger.:uhm:

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