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    1. Accidental DILD (my first one)

      by , 01-30-2012 at 08:54 AM
      this was and experience i cant even begin to explain how real it was. but i wasn't expecting to have one or perhaps prepared would be the best word. i just started with me turning off the tv i was in the middle of Avatar and my daughter was having a hard time going to sleep cause she was wanting to figit and play around other than watch the movie. So shut the tv off and it probably only took me 10 mins to dose away.

      I was in a house more specific a kitchen and thats when it hit me "i finally did it" i am dreaming! i was excited. the first thing i did was levitate then sway side to side but i kept losing control of the dream and what was going on around me. The next thing i new after that was there were people in the house and we were all talking i cant remember now what we were talking about but it seemed important. then all of a sudden i remember sliding down a long alley backwards in a car trying to break because there was an drop of at the end of this alley that seemed as big as a canyon. this happened twice in the dream. then i was back at the house again. i was scared at this point i remember i was wanting to wake up and i couldnt but then it changed again then i was around this beautiful girl that wanted to have sex then all of a sudden i was in control again cause i made another girl appear to and the both wanted to have some fun with me. ( I made the 2 one come) lol but we didnt seem to mess around for but a few seconds before i was back at the house again. i remember hearing audibles but i wasnt able to make them out. It started to get dark (scary) at this point with the audibles and not being in control i was scared for some reason. ( There was more i know but i cant recall them ) Once again i was in control again so i decided i just wanted to wake up since i was scared so i laid down on a couch in the house/kitchen and closed my eyes. i then woke up and thought i was awake but i then realized i was that the place i was in wasnt familiar (Cant Remember where) and this is when i started to feel at real unease. From, there i jumped to me walking around a supermarket that was completley empty other than random people walking around and my brother on my dads side. there where no products or anything on the shelves that were there, Then, as i was walking around my brother joined my side and i was once out of control again we entered this long corridor with a big fan at the end on the right
      and blood splatters all over the walls and people were walking into the fan including my brother witch was the only one i actually seen walk into it and be sliced up with his insides hitting the floor and wall. At this time i was unwilling moving down the corridor i pass the fan on the right which has my brothers remains showing all over and thats when i looked up and saw the end of the corridor and it was black and for some reason i knew that this was going to be the way to wake up from this nightmare and as soon as i entered it i openrd my eyes real fast and closed them and opened them again a few seconds later and realized that i was awake. glad it was over but amazed at how real and weird the experience was ( and fun a points)
    2. This was kinda weird

      by , 01-24-2012 at 07:01 PM
      So this dream takes place near my last place of residence. I remember fragments of it but what i do remember the most was that there were alot of people setting outside on the side of the streets watching a parade go by including me. but i was with a group of people that i used to go to high school with. now the weird thing is that my ex girlfriend Mandie (Daughters Mother) was hanging out in the group and we were all sitting in a circle. i was playing around on my cell phone and then one of my friends from school snatched it out of my hands. everyone started to pass it around and i was like "give me back my phone" like i didnt wants them to see what was on it. Then, my Ex got it last and (weird part) she started playing with the phone and started dialing a number and she said "Im going to call you" she said this in a snickering voice. and thats when i woke up and my phone was ringing and i picked it up and it said Mandie's Cell which is my ex girlfriend! Now i can understand the phone concept of it ringing and incorperating itself in my dream but for her to be the one to call me and actually tell me in my dream that shes gonna call an actually call as im waking from that dreeam. that blew my mind a bit! it was cool.
    3. Emotional pain from the past

      by , 01-23-2012 at 04:14 AM
      i should have wrote this first thing this morning but ya know, i didn't.
      The dream i had bounced around alot but ill tell u what i remember.

      My ex (daughters mother) was dating an old employee i used to work with. and i was helping them move stuff into a new house that they purchased and during that time i remember feeling pain and mental suffering, heartbreak as they were doing little things in front of me as if they were trying to hurt me mentally on purpose. In front of the door to the house they were moving into i was on a teeter totter type thing and it kept raising me up to the top part of the house then back down again. that's when i woke up. and as soon as i opened my eyes i felt like it was still happening but i then realized right away that it was a dream. it felt so real even though it was ridiculous. but i was relieved that it wasn't real