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    Galantamine, lucidity, exploration and sadness

    , 12-20-2012 at 06:55 PM (608 Views)
    I went to bed at 11:30pm, woke up at 2:00am. I took a double dose of Galantamind, only my second time taking it, and I won't be taking it again for at least a week. A double dose equals 8mg of Galantamine and 200mg of Choline, but I took an extra 200mg of Choline bitartrate separately. I started into a WBTB method and as a drifted I felt the sleep paralysis come on as Ryan Hurd and others have described. I reminded myself to stay calm and focus on my intent to get lucid, and not my fear of being paralyzed. This went on a for a little while and I suddenly woke up in my dream bed. My youngest daughter was sleeping beside me and I knew I was in a dream. I was lucid as well but I'd say not fully stable. I reminded myself to modulate my emotions, and not fix my attention to any one thing or else I'd risk slipping into unconscious dreaming.

    I wandered out of the room and up the stairs past my wife who didn't pay me any attention, she was doing chores. My oldest daughter was upstairs and started talking to me in the middle of watching a show with some friends. I'm not recalling exactly how I responded, but I went outside the kitchen door, and looked at the dark night sky. The ladnscape was different for sure, huge and wide open with dimly lit houses scattered across hillsides - very magical feeling. The moon was bright and I wanted to fly up to it but reminded myself not to or I'd risk loosing lucidity. Instead I flew out and across a field in search of some exploration. I wound up at a classic building, like a mall, but more like the Louvre in Paris. People were everywhere. I wanted to find someone but I didn't know who, I dropped to the floor when an overwhelming feeling of sadness hit me. I cried intensely and woke up.

    The sadness was related to leaving my family in search of adventure. Although I knew this was a dream and not waking reality, there's probably some aspect of this this 'desire to escape' in my waking world as well that I could look at closer. I believe that part of my loosing lucidity was related to the emotions, but also not having a clear goal for the dream state.

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