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    WILD/WBTB into the lucidity hotel

    , 12-31-2012 at 10:21 PM (602 Views)
    Woke up around 3am, popped a 5-HTP, B-6, and one Choline bitartrate. Did this because my dream recall has been lacking for the past 7 days. Back in bed I started a WILD, focusing on my breath and a vision of a star, which immediately came to me. I started to see the dream I wanted to re-enter, and allowed drifting thoughts to come and go while I came back to this vision. A tunnel-vision grew stronger and before long I popped into the dream state with awareness.

    I drifted across a grassy field toward a town, then proceeded to scan the town when I realized it was familiar from a past dream. It was night as is often the case in my dreams. I saw a familiar area of town with some nightlife, and went past this toward a hotel that caught my attention. It was a small hotel, like something you'd see in the streets of Paris, and two gentleman were working the desk. I remembered one of my goals was to ask the question "Where are we?" to one of the dream characters, so I did, unfortunately I don't remember the answer. I went upstairs to my room where two maids were cleaning, one vacuuming and the other picking up the carpet.

    That's about all I remember.

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