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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #179 - Trainer / Starry sky / Hiking in the bush

    by , 12-12-2015 at 10:01 PM (286 Views)
    SC1) 02:12
    Dream fragment - I remember having some images flash through my mind but I couldn't tell what they were properly.. Maybe something about being in the woods, perhaps a pine forest?

    SC2) 04:14
    Dream 1 - Trainer
    I'm in a barren place which is somewhat dark due to the heavily overcast sky. In the distance there is a person who is my trainer or friend and I can zoom in and out of him. I zoom in and adjust my workout routine then zoom back out. I think something happens and I need to adjust it again so I zoom back in and out. I know I'm dreaming as I'm doing all this and I feel like it's an nREM dream.

    Dream experience: 0 (pretty lame)
    Dream awareness: 3 (even lower than the second dream but still lucid)

    SC3) 05:18
    Dream 2 - Starry sky
    I was in a dark and barren place at night again, I think somewhere nearby there was a lone petrol station by a road. It was like I was in the desert or something. I become lucid and realize that there's no way to control this dream so I decided to try and enjoy what was already happening. I look up into the sky and see a beautiful starry sky behind clouds of violet and orange, as if the clouds themselves were ascending to become nebulas in our solar system. I felt my body just start fling around backwards and all over the place while I was looking up, the world was spinning around me. I could feel the wind on my body as this was happening, and I noticed my vision grow dim and the sky seemed to fade away. I then focused on the wind tingling against my body, it was so sharp and vivid that when I focused on it I felt like my body had an immediate sense of excitement shivering all through it. This was the last thing I felt as I woke up straight after.

    Dream experience: 5 (the sensations and sights were really quite powerful but it was still too short and no control)
    Dream awareness: 3 (low level lucidity)

    SC5) 07:35
    Dream 3 - Hiking in the bush
    I remember hiking uphill with some people. The route we were taking was off the trail and we somehow knew roughly where we were supposedly heading. I remember reaching our destination and we went around it and up the side to the top of a hill. On this hill I think we felt like we had no way of getting back home. After we sit around on the hill for a while I announced that I was going to head back and find a way home, my memory is pretty good so I roughly remember the route we took. I didn't expect anyone to come, and surprisingly some people actually stood up and decided to follow me. I felt a little touched by this . I walk down the hill with the others following me and look across to the forests' edge which we had emerged from. I saw the stony area which we had traversed to get here and told everyone that's where we came from. I then saw a pathway, hmm strange? We could probably take this trail back? I look around for a sign to get an idea for where it heads and see one off to my right. I can't really remember what it said though.. One of the girls following was a bit of an airhead, and didn't like that I was leading the way. She said that we should go around the hill and proceeded to prance off in that direction. Oh my god >_< that's the way we took to get on top of the hill you idiot . This annoys me a bit since she seemed to have forgotten that fact :/ I think I wake up after that though.

    Dream experience: 3 (not very vivid or interesting)
    Dream awareness: 1 (not very aware)

    I also had another dream which I recall was really sexual but I can't remember anything about it
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