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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #187 - Just thinking / Grudge

    by , 01-15-2016 at 03:01 AM (308 Views)
    Dream 1 - Just thinking
    It was less of a dream than just an internal debate and though process revolving around star wars and Anakin Skywalker. I was very intently just thinking about it and had some visuals but I noticed I was doing when I realized my alarm was vibrating next to me.

    Dream 2 - Grudge
    I really didn't want to write this down but I ended up doing it anyways >_<
    I'm in my room watching a movie on a small TV with a DVD player (I don't have this in my room in RL). The movie is 'The Grudge' and it's pretty much in first person with me as the victim of the grudge. To make things worse the movie set resembles my room.. On one side of the room there's a hole in the wall, and the opposing wall on the other side of the room has a hole in it too. Things get pretty freaky as the main character goes insane and is imagining himself trying to stab another version of himself, but it's all happening in his head. I see what he's imagining first (it goes to 3rd person perspective now), I think there's another version of him and he's trying to kill him with a knife. The camera pans right then back left to the guy but now we see what's actually happening in reality. All we see is the hole and there's a hand coming out of it wielding a knife, flailing around wildly. The camera continues to pan left to the other side of the room where we see the man with his arm in the wall, he's consumed by raged. The movie ends and I 'wake' up, as if I had fallen asleep after watching the movie, had a dream about it and then woken up. I'm on the floor and I'm pretty scared, I had a blanket on me and it's pulled over my head, I don't want to take it off incase the grudge is there... I know that the grudge doesn't exist but I'm still scared. I think I'm trying to go to sleep but decide to get up instead. I head over to the TV and eject the DVD, it has 'How to Train Your Dragon' on the other side of the disk, yikes. I feel sorry for the kid who watches the Grudge by accident .

    I had 2 other dreams which I thought I committed to memory but I can't remember them clearly enough to write about them

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