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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #205 - Blueberry pizza

    by , 03-04-2016 at 10:43 PM (253 Views)
    I remember being in a lecture theatre with a bunch of other students. We had a bunch of ovens at the back of the class where everyone had pizzas cooking. I had to start 10 minutes later than everyone else due to running errands (can't remember what I was doing though). Me and someone else who had been delayed like me both put our pizzas in the oven (totalling to 2 pizzas each). We had the same pizzas as the other students except ours also had blueberries!
    Some time passed and everyone was getting their pizzas but mine wouldn't be cooked yet. I came up with a 'genius' plan to flip the pizza to make it cook faster, I did this and all the toppings went everywhere. Wait, we only have 2 pizzas now? What the... The pizza is back the right way up, with toppings scattered around... Didn't I flip it? I decide to leave it and someone gives me a clean up task, they hand over a bag with a bunch of wood-working tools and I think I have to go outside and feed a hamster.

    Dream fragment - I remember yesterday I was sitting at the train station and talking to a man and his 2 year old. The kid dropped his raisins on the ground and his dad let him eat them off the ground, it was kind of gross because the kid literally had black dirt and hairs on his hand as he was eating them off the ground... In the dream I had, I was at the train station and I looked down and saw some more raisins, "Oh look there's some more for you" I said to the kid

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