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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #273 - R18 lucid

    by , 10-29-2016 at 03:28 AM (877 Views)
    Don't read ahead unless you're an adult, I've tried keeping some of the descriptions to a minimal though.

    It's sunny and I'm walking along a sheltered wooden deck outside, like a walkway you might see at the zoo. As I was walking I saw cute girls walk past in leggings, I flirted with one of them and it felt unrealistic which clued me in that it was a dream. I became lucid and immediately went cave-man mode, no stabilising or anything.. I just walked up to the cute girl and groped her, kissed her and many other things I managed to go all the way and even finish which isn't something I've ever had in a lucid dream. A weird thing I noticed was that she kept disappearing yet was still there, it's hard to explain but basically she went invisible or something..

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    Tags: girl, leggings, sex, zoo