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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    #87 - It's start again

    by , 05-06-2015 at 09:04 AM (320 Views)
    Black: Non-dream
    Blue: Non-lucid
    Red: Lucid

    Dream - I didn't try very hard to recall this and I haven't been practicing dream recall for some fair amount of time due to university.
    Lucid oh so suddenly, annnnnd begin... I'm in a room with wooden flooring and white walls but the scene seems almost like a modern Japanese house. I clear my head and stay calm, the first thing I remember is one of my dream goals. I stabilize a bit by talking aloud to myself, then I vocalize my dream goal by trying to trick the dream scene: "Hey how's it going *name*?" (I deliberately left the name of the person out in this write up because it feels weird).

    I pull back the sheets of the bed where I imagine the person to be, she comes out smiling, she looks almost exactly the same as she does in real life except for some reason she has Japanese-like eyes. I guess I should state my dream goal: I want to have a conversation with a dream character + I want to ask a certain person a certain question, but I know that the answer to the question is a reflection of what I truly think and I'd like to know because I can't figure it out... Oh so deep.

    Bull-shit aside.

    Things didn't go the way they were supposed to... The dreaded cave-man-mode took hold, I guess it's probably because I didn't know WHY I wanted to see her in my dream. Things get hot and heavy, she leans forward to kiss me and I close my ey-
    *DAMN IT*
    Open eyes = pitch black.
    I can feel her touch though, so I must not be fully awake... I proceed to keep my eyes closed and just focus on her hands noodling around me - what's this? Light coming into focus, I can see her face again? This hasn't happened before and it doesn't last long, the dream comes to an end naturally and I wake up.

    What comes to mind first? The stress-related lucid dreams are starting again, I have 6 assignments due in the next 19 days which are closely followed by final exams which are worth 50-60% of the papers they're for.

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