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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. #252 - Airport / Plane

      by , 06-30-2016 at 08:49 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember it was night and me, my friend Lajja and some other guy were hanging out. I had flown to Wellington in order to hang out with her, we were all going to fly back to Auckland tomorrow.
      I woke up in the morning and there was some issue with the flight, like Lajja had forgotten to book her tickets or we missed the plane. We have to go and get new tickets, I'm not really stressed about any of this though. We're in the waiting room which is split in two by a set of folding shutter doors. I sit in the second room while everyone else sits in the first room. I think I did it because it was quieter? The air hostess comes to tell the next few people to proceed, this happens a couple times but not once does she alert the 2nd room. I'm aware she's not doing this, the first time it happens I opened up the shutter doors a bit so she wouldn't ignore it. The 2nd time she still ignores it, so I pull the doors open all the way... The 3rd time she does it again, fucks sake. I just get up and head out instead of waiting, telling myself to just go ahead since Lajja and the other guy went with the hostess the 3rd time. I see them down on the floor below, connected to my floor by a set of escalators. Lajja and the guy are holding hands for some reason, I find this weird since they're not dating and Lajja has a boyfriend already. I head down to meet them and ask if they got the tickets, the guy says "Oh yeh, but uhh whoops I forgot yours, sorry mate". I instantly pick up that he did it on purpose, he's trying to sit alone with Lajja on the plane. I have to go buy my own ticket now.

      I'm on board of a plane, it's a sort of continuation from the last dream (though I definitely recall waking up between them). The plane is quite small with 1 or 2 seats on either side of the walkway. My dad is on the plane next to me or in front of me, we're talking and I briefly look away from him mid-conversation. When I look back at him it's my mum instead. What the...? I'm a bit confused, wasn't I just talking to my dad? Or maybe it was my mum.. Everything feels real, I decide that 'maybe' it's a dream (although I don't even feel like it is). I do a reality check and it succeeds much to my surprise. I stand up and try to stabilise, recalling some advice about making the most of lucids by maximising lucidity and awareness. My mind is a bit chaotic though... I try to force the lucidity to the max and it sort of works but the dream isn't very stable. I can tell because it was bright at first and the world was gradually getting darker and darker. I'm in my flat room now, kind of feels like everything is spinning. I try to escape the room, thinking that maybe moving and engaging the dream will help extend it. I fly out through the window but end up awake. Crap. I do a reality check and succeed, I guess I just had a false awakening. I'm in my bed, I clamber out of it and I'm wearing heaps of clothes which are a bit restricting, it's quite dark and getting darker... I wake up for real.
    2. #183 - True SC1 / Boar hunt / Bomb shelter / Balding / Restaurant / Disgusting Toes

      by , 12-18-2015 at 06:43 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC1) 12:51
      True SC1
      I woke up and had some small memories of dreamlets but nothing solid enough to put on paper. I did a WBTB to let the cat out of my room and also to eat some apple crumble (because why not? )

      I don't usually wake up at this time so this is the first I've woken up for the 1st sleep cycle of the night.

      SC2) 02:32
      Dream - Boar hunt
      I was in my house, yet it didn't exactly resemble it at first. It seemed that we were on a camp (university camp?) and I found out there was a huge pig/boar running around in the house. I decide to deal with it, it's in a small room that has a refrigerator and other food stuff in it. I knock the boar unconscious somehow and wonder if I should put it into the freezer and let it die that way? Hmm oh well I'll leave it for now. I decide to go ask for help, I head outside and on my way out of the small room I see a stack of bagged pig meat and blood and guts. When I get outside I see 3 guys and maybe 4 girls all sunbathing. The guys have their shirts off and the girls are bikinis, they're all lying on beach towels on the back deck of my house (though it's clear it's not my 'house' if that makes sense). I also remember one of the guys who was called Alex Sigley. I speak up and ask if someone wants to go half with me on the boar I just killed, 3 of the guys say yes but none of the girls want any. One girl then gets up with a sigh as she knows how to deal with the boar (butchering it or something) which is what I wanted, I have no clue how to deal with this thing.

      My current WBTB alarm is set to 02:00 and I need to set it to 02:30 I think, as that seems to be the right time to wake up.

      SC3) 04:18
      Dream - Bomb shelter
      I'm on a road near where I live there the road forks off. There was quite a few people here on the road with me and we were chatting (though I don't remember who they were). We must have been doing some sort of roadworks. Things were pretty happy during most of the dream but towards the end a train arrived. It turned the corner out of one of the roads that forked off and headed onto our road (this is impossible, and also there's no train there in RL). We alert each other to the train and head over to the pavement, I have to pull along a retard who was clapping his hands. There's a person doing the announcements, he berates us and I notice we're missing some people. The missing people had been 'dealt with'. "Keep away from the manhole cover!" the announcer announced angrily. I can tell he's evil. The manhole cover he spoke of was a sort of 'time capsule' for the rich, so they could be protected in the case of nuclear fallout (Fallout 4 reference I guess). There's a bunch of rich folk (who look like they're from the 1950s) streaming out of the train I think, but they had also supposedly just exited the manhole, but they were walking towards the manhole (rather than away from it), and also seemed to be walking past it. (Poor dream logic but I didn't catch on so no lucid ).

      SC4) 05:58
      Dream - Balding
      I'm in the bathroom looking into the mirror, WHAT THE HELL. My hair has bald patches all through it! Ugh, oh no... This can't be real? I have a FA and I'm in the bathroom again, but this time my hair is normal. Phew, it was just a dream . I keep looking at the mirror just to make sure, my reflection is quite accurate. But as I look at my eyes... My iris' don't seem right, they look like solid green disks with a black pupil that isn't quite in the center. Hmm??? It changes a couple times, why is it doing that? Oh wait, I must be dreaming. It all seems so obvious now. I take a step back and my vision is that of a severely drunk person, why can't I see well? I decide on going straight to doing telekinesis on the toilet. I raise my hand and will the toilet to float but to no avail. Meanwhile I'm still seeing the world in a sort of drunken state. Geeze maybe that's why I can't do telekinesis? Oh! It must be because I went cross-eyed looking at my reflection earlier? ( best dream logic) I 'uncross' my eyes and the dream becomes less shaky. That's better. I walk out of the bathroom and to my room, I try to do telekinesis again but my vision kind of becomes a bit drunk once more and I'm unsuccessful at telekinesis.

      SC5) 07:00
      Dream - Restaurant
      I remember being in a restaurant and I think I'm an employee. The restaurant has a dark wooden texture and has an appropriate dim mood-light setting for dining out. I'm at the checkout talking to an Indian girl who is a fellow employee, I think we're talking about something and she might be teaching me how to work here. Her face is next to mine, side by side with a bit of a gap between us. She says something and it's a bit flirtatious and she moves in to kiss me. Our lips touch and I'm like 'Oh shit, have I just cheated on my gf? Well... I'm in the middle of the kiss, I'll wait until it's over' (for some reason I thought this was the only option ). The kiss was very vivid, I remember closing my eyes to it and feeling the texture of her lips, they soft and have a smooth feeling which made me think it wasn't quite right for how kissing should feel. She gets into the kiss, I wake up before it finishes.

      I tried writing this down but all I wrote was 'Kiss in restaurant, I'm an employee'. I must have really struggled to stay awake O_O

      Dream fragment - Disgusting Toes
      I'm in the living room at home and see that my mum has just gotten home from work. She's taking her shoes off as I go and talk to her about my toes. They have these absolutely revolting, putrid, disgusting bubbly veruca wart growths on them, mostly on my big left toe, the bottom of the toe next to it and a couple other toes. My mum doesn't take it seriously enough, can she see how disgusting it looks? I'm a little stressed and anxious about the whole thing. I remember that I may have gotten them from an earlier dream in the night where I was running at night time with a couple people. Something happened and there was broken glass on the ground which had the blood of someone else I was with on it. I got a few shards in my toes and that's how my foot got infected it seems.
    3. #173 - Carny / Black Leech / Tripppyyy / Herion

      by , 12-05-2015 at 10:43 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Carny (02:00)
      There's a park and forest, a few snippets of a carny that I walked past (it resembled one I had seen a couple days ago). I also remember there being something about a dinosaur fossil in the ground, reminded me of a t-rex (probably due to going to the museum recently).

      Dream experience: 0 (meh)
      Dream awareness: 0 (meh)

      Dream 2 - Black Leech (04:04)
      I remember a meandering river flowing in a flood plain near some mountains. The flood plains were lightly forested and the river had some large rounded oval pebbles in the river bed.
      Later I was in a neighbourhood where I live (not in RL), I remember thinking that some creepy guy might end up attacking me with a black leech/slug (it was about the length of a persons hand and quite thick). I looked out of my window to the neighbours house and saw that there was a black slug doing a little sideways scuttle up the inside of their window (it looked like it was trying to 'walk'). Poor thing, it's retarded, and it's struggling at the corner. I wake up (FA) and reach around to my back (with a pseudo arm) and touch the tip of what I imagined was the head of the slug. Ugh, I might die :/ damn. Though I'm not too panicked for some reason, like I know that nothing bad will happen. My reasoning is also that it's only halfway up my back so I can pull it off before it reaches the place it's supposed to bite to kill me. I think that creepy guy must have ordered it from the deep web. I kind of realize that all this is going on in my head and wake up properly.

      Dream experience: 5 (pretty vivid, the leech was pretty interesting)
      Dream awareness: 2 (a little more and I may have been lucid)

      Dream 3 - Tripppyyy (05:33)
      I woke up and tried recalling my dream, doing a mediocre job at it. I don't think I actually moved, and ended up doing an unintentional DEILD (does this mean I win Emnition? ). I was thinking about another lucid I have had in the past about Adventure Time (never happened). We were in a cart being pulled along and I was Finn, next to me was Jake the Dog (in full cartoon mode too). From the get go I was semi-lucid, knowing it was a dream without really properly thinking about it though. Things were a little.. trippy. Hmm, I want to be me though. I change perspective and become Jake now. Still not what I wanted, I look at Finn now and see a little mini Jake jumping around slowly, his colour looks darker than it should be, and I know that he isn't Jake because I'm Jake right now. I want to try be me again, so I slowly will my own body to be formed, I separate from Jake and move in between Finn and Jake, sitting between them on the moving cart. It's a weird thing to describe because I felt a bit.. formless, and things around me were still a bit trippy, I guess I should elaborate on the 'trippy' thing. Basically everything had a liquidness to it, seeming to have slightly shifting forms, unstable. Ugh, everything kind of intensifies slightly in that trippy state, to my right I look at Finn, hmmm? His chest now has... Boobs. They're growing and shrinking and moving around in slow-mo (not at all like a boob should). It reminds me of a slime monster or something. Both Finn and Jake are asleep on either side of me.. Things become way more lucid and I know I'm dreaming for sure but I have no way of taming the intense instability and liquidness of the dream. I reach out and grab Finns boobie. I feel it slightly but my sense of touch is a bit dim. I involuntarily float forward and turn towards him so we're more or less facing each other, but he dissolves into a new image. The whole world is changing around me like crazy. Colours and spiraling stuff.. It reforms into me looking at the side of a red car, just at where the petrol goes into. The cover over the petrol tank has a flat red face on it and it's smiling at me (same red as the car). What the? I give it a little slap/pat on its face and it keeps smiling at me. This is so weird. I try to properly stabilize the dream now, 'Stabilize!' I shout, I clap my hands, but did I? I feel like I'm clapping them in RL. Am I waking up? I open my eyes. Hmm.. That was, something? I decide not to move and keep my eyes closed, not because I wanted to re-enter the dream but because I wanted to listen to it fade away and feel the other sensations.
      "tzzzzzzzzzzzz" a static fills the air and there's black and white tv-like shimmying lights in front of my eyes. Did I just DEILD again? Lots of faces start forming in the static, just black and white outlines. This scares me quite a bit and I feel like my heart sped up. "Calm down, something bad will happen if you think it will" I manage to quell some of the rising tension about my current state. The faces kind of dissole and the black and white static merges to a dark background. In the middle is the statue of a pharaoh looking at me, unmoving. It begins floating off to the side now, out of my line of sight. In front of me the dream world forms once more and I see a wrist resting on a table. The wrist has a watch on it, and I think it might possibly be my wrist. It must be late at night since the background is still quite dark. On the watch there are glowing numbers since it's digital, the number '7' sticks out to me. There are other things on it but it changes a bit too much so I don't bother with it. I think I tried getting up and moving a bit but I can't remember anything else and I think I woke up shortly after. It was still a bit unstable but not nearly as trippy as the last.

      Dream experience: 8 (Wow so trippy, I think I've had trippy dreams before but this one takes the cake)
      Dream awareness: 4-5 (I was completely aware I was lucid, I could control things but I couldn't stabilize or actually do things properly)

      Dream fragments
      - I remember there being a really long rope suspended like 100m in the air which a whole bunch of people (including me) were standing on, there was another rope above it which you could also hold onto. I remember seeing a video a while ago about a woman in a gym straightening her legs on a weight machine which caused her leg to uhh.. bend the wrong way? And pretty much snapped. It really grossed me out, why do people post that stuff on FB :/. Basically in the dream there was a guy who had a similar thing happen to him, he stood underneath the top rope and straightened his legs pushing it up, but the rope was too strong and pushed down.. It broke his legs and they bent the wrong way and he fell off and died. I remember thinking that he was an idiot though

      -Something about alien civilization which has been buried, they had the ability to teleport.

      Dream 4 - Heroin (07:38)
      I remember thinking that the Nazis had one big regret during their time of power, I turn my head and look at a bunch of high school kids bustling to get into a big auditorium. Some had been locked out, but everyone was organised from tallest to smallest so the really short people were at the back (this meant mostly girls were at the back). I'm now a part of the school, and for some reason I had an idea to flirt around with those chicks who got locked out. I approach and the idea is gone and I'm now thinking of a way to get inside and decide to just teleport. I teleport in and open the door for everyone else. I think I'm a little annoyed with everything, and plan to hit the fire alarm and then make a run for it... There's cameras around though. I manage to find a way, I smash an alarm in then bolt out a door on the side of the auditorium just before the teacher could turn and see who did it. "Phew" I think, now I just need to avoid the cameras. I run around and skirt the edges of the auditorium to avoid the cameras, but they're the black orb type and I have the feeling that they can see everything around them. I rejoin the masses evacuating from the main entrance and follow them. But I see some students getting told off for doing their Maori dance hobby. "what the hell? Why can't they do it?" I wonder, I walk over to a white roguish character who seems to be in charge, and he tells me the story (which occurs in a flashback with me present). The teacher tells them they can't do it it for some lame reason like "it's because it's not official you can't do it as a playtime hobby" or something. I was annoyed, since I thought it was impressive for these guys to group together and form a dance group without any supervision. I can't remember what happens next.. But I think I'm talking to the white guy leader of the group, he's gotten into heroin now since they can't do the dance group. I try and smack some sense into him, he's going through withdrawal and wants another fix but I stop him. "Do you even know how much pain you'll be in when you're going through withdrawal? The spasms haven't even started yet. This is why people don't even let themselves do it once, because they get F*cked up" (I said something along those lines...). I also remember thinking of analogies, like how people say to try everything once, but I told the guy he shouldn't do heroin even once. I used the analogy of me falling off a cliff and how it can effect you for the rest of your life. Then I make heroin sound worse since it causes neural injuries rather than physical ones. There's another skin head dude hanging around who keeps squeezing heroin out of needles and shooting them like water pistols at me. What a dick. I think I end up doing heroin but I'm not sure why? When I wake up he's hovering over me and I get the feeling like he may have stabbed me with a dirty needle while I was passed out. This guy really is scary looking O_O.

      Dream experience: 6 (felt pretty emotional during this, passionate about the dancers and trying to help them, it was quite vivid)
      Dream awareness: 2 (only a little bit more and I may have been lucid)

      I think my awareness rating is 0-2 = non-lucid and 3+ is lucid.
    4. #151 - Hardcore attempt at DEILD

      by , 11-06-2015 at 10:20 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Intensive DEILD attempt 1:
      I set my alarm to go off at 2 for a WBTB and to empty my bladder so it wouldn't distract me when I woke up for DEILD later in the night. I then went back to bed quickly and tried doing some SSILD cycles, but I think I fell asleep on the first long cycle O_O. I seem to remember waking up too soon and tried getting back to sleep again (my alarm for DEILD was set to go at 3:30am and every 15 minutes after to a total of 8 times) so I turned off the first DEILD alarm to give myself more time to fall asleep. After that I managed to wake up several times to the sound of really loud rooster screeching 'COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!' next to my pillow. It think I'll change this tone because it became seriously annoying . I did manage to lie still atleast 3 times upon waking up I think, but I didn't stay still. I always ended up moving. Also I had poor recall because of this and ended up sleeping in.

      I can't recall the order of all these dreams (except the first and last one)

      Dream 1 - FA?
      I remember waking to the sound of my alarm at 2 and rolling around and getting up but it was crazy weird because I thought I was in a dream. The feeling I had as I woke up was like deja vu. I think I woke up as my body was about to enter REM which gave me this weird feeling (not really a dream but oh well).

      Dream 2 - Script
      I remember a vague dream about the dream occurring in a dream script. Imagine reading a book and then imagining what's happening as you read, that's pretty much what this dream was like. I had done a bunch of reading before going to bed, it was like a block of text was scrolling up and there were these supporting images forming in the background that played out the story.

      Dream experience: 4 (unique)
      Dream awareness: 0 (completely unaware)

      Dream 3 - Compare and contrast
      Me and another person are in a room, not very detailed and everything isn't that focused. We're talking about something and comparing them together, but none of it makes any sense really.

      Dream experience: 2 (pretty uneventful)
      Dream awareness: 1 (emotion)

      Dream 4 - Drawing book
      I seem to be at my parents house with my family somewhere around. There are 2 parts to this dream, 1 where I'm 'awake' and another where I'm doing the same thing but in a 'dream'. In the first part I think I'm in the lounge and I have a book out. It's pretty much related to schoolwork where I'm doodling out these boxes and filling them in with time lapses to illustrate a change over time in something. The first one was to do with whales. It was a box divided into 4 segments and each depicted a whale going from one stage to the next. I think there were 3 other boxes with diagrams depicting other concepts (I had a feeling they were geology related) though I only saw 2 others and without enough clarity to make out what they were. The next part of the dream I'm 'asleep' and I'm dreaming out the same scenario in the house, this time my daughter is there though and I'm showing her what I've done. I put the book down on the ground and open it up and I can show four pages at the same time (this should be impossible since a normal book can only show 2 pages (left and right leafs)). My parents come and tell me that it's time to go, we're going out somewhere tonight I think, probably dinner.

      Dream experience: 5 (longer with 2 'parts' - kind of unique transition)
      Dream awareness: 3 (I had some inkling of a feeling that I was present, as well as being able to focus on details)
    5. #147 - Poison caterpillars / Family Guy / FA / Trippiest dream ever

      by , 11-02-2015 at 10:21 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Set up a DEILD alarm for 1:30, 3:20 and 5:10 last night, trying different alarm tones for each. I found that the 'rooster' sound woke me up but the others didn't. After kind of putting off dedicating effort into DEILD I decided last night that I'd give it a proper try, so when I woke up I actually managed to lie completely still with my eyes closed. I remember reading some advice somewhere that you should focus on a point, so I focused on the centre of my forehead. It kind of felt like meditating in a way. I decided that it was a good enough attempt for the night just knowing that I could do that if I wanted to, then I got up for a WBTB.

      Dream 1 - Poison caterpillars
      This dream was pretty interesting, I woke to the 3:20 DEILD alarm and tried cementing it to memory which I found a bit easier than I would if I had moved around. I was in a room at night time, my friend John was here too and we seemed to be in a survival kind of scenario. We had to go to sleep for the night so we each had our own floor mattress and bedding. I lay down to go to sleep but at some point in the night a friend from back home called Fraser showed up. He was the guy we were trying to survive against. He placed these caterpillar-worms on us that were tiny at first (~1cm long), but soon grew to be maybe 7cm long. They poison you just by touch and have these alternating purple to green bands along their body. I remember one crawling on me and thinking that the touch of it was stinging. Fraser came in and took the grown up caterpillars, like it was supposed to be every ones goal to get them (like a quest item?). I was pretending to be dead I think so he wouldn't notice I was still alive despite being poisoned.

      Dream fragment - anime artist?
      I remember a group of people on a sunny day walking down a pathway by the road and they were somehow related to anime/manga. Possibly the artists who make it

      Dream 2 - Family guy
      I remember having a dream where I think I might have been Bryan from Family Guy. The dream was telling the story of how Stewy and Bryan met and how they came to become a part of the Griffin family. Apparently Stewy was adopted alongside Bryan it seems. I think I (Bryan, who at the time I called Mike because I forgot his actual name) went to a one-off job. I met Stewy there who I seemed to hit it off really well with, we ended up become tight comrades and somehow headed off on a journey together in a car (feels like third person during this so I don't think I'm Bryan anymore). They end up getting adopted into the Griffin family which I find weird because I thought Stewy was born as a Griffin.

      FA - I seemed to remember writing 'Stewy and Mike' into my phone so I could recall the dream later, but when I woke up later on and I looked at my phone... there was nothing! Dun dun dun!

      Dream 3 - Trippiest Dream Ever
      I'm lying in bed in the middle of the night surfing the internet on my phone. It's the first time looking at a screen in a dream where it isn't actually in 'full screen'. I think I come across some music website. Basically it has an artistic anime-style kind of epic drawing. The whole background has this intense vividness to it, which was hued in a surreal purple colour. It has this anime girl that looks like she's jumped forward and reaching out for something with a smile. The art style really impressed me and caught my eye. The website plays music, but for some reason I was too quick to click on the next link and skipped to a new page. Damn. I backspace and head to the previous window. Huh? The background has changed?? It's now a new drawing in the same epic style, a different girl (different clothes, face, haircut, etc) with a different colour hue (possibly orange this time). I refresh the page -- it changes again. Now it's like a steel grey. I think the girl on this one might have had a short fringe with silvery hair. Wow this is all pretty cool, but I really wanted to see the one from the first page. I keep refreshing a couple more times cycling through the art, some of which comes up multiple times. I end up talking to the person who apparently makes it all, the artist herself. I'm not sure how we're communicating, it's like she's communicating through the screen. I'm also sitting at my desk with my laptop in front of me instead of being on my iPhone. I can't remember what we were talking about, possibly about who she is and how she may or may not be the artist? Shit gets crazy as we talk though. Like... absolutely chaotic. She shows me the art on her website and it's no longer static. Some of which is video clips but they flash past my eyes so fast. One clip is from Bakemonogatari (an anime) as a hint, suggesting that she is the artist who draws it (which in my head explains why her art is so amazing). But it just gets so crazy because it's all so vivid and fast, the next part there's an image of an anime girl who mimics the artists words. Her movements come in a strobe-like fashion, the screen flickers rapidly, her face appearing to tilt right while her smile broadens into this insane toothy grin with wide eyes. What the f*ck is going on? Everything is so colourful and vivid with so much change in the lighting. Orange, green, blue, purple, black, white. It's quite beautiful. Next scene she sends me porn which I try to ignore, then realize that it's still open on my browser. I have to close it down manually. I open up a screen which shows all my active apps and try delete it, only to find that there's an endless stream of porn videos open on my phone/laptop. How the hell did this happen?? If someone saw this they'd think I was a pervert. There's just too much and I don't even know what happens but I wake up, realizing that I'm now in my room for real. It was just so realistic though.

      On my 20th day of no PMO using the Brainbuddy app. Safe to say that it definitely affected my last dream O_O. My dream recall improved last night too (the 2 nights before my exam yesterday were below my average by quite a bit). From today onwards I have a lot of spare time until I head back to the North Island. I'll be dedicating a lot more time to my dream practices I think from now on (i.e. ADA, DEILD, meditation, + other related stuff like reading ETWOLD)
    6. #139 - compliment / awesome dad

      by , 10-25-2015 at 09:29 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      My flatmate had a random burst of energy and offered if I wanted to go to the gym with him at 9:30pm. I ended up managing to get into bed around 11:30pm so my sleep wasn't that great. Interestingly though I decided to meditate before going to bed, and for the first time that I can remember, I actually felt myself falling asleep.. I think meditating in bed before I go to sleep might be good for me so I'll trial it again. I also had a whole bunch of WILD visions, where I could see the dream forming. It was pretty cool, it happened several times and each time it would dissipate (probably because of inexperience and because it was too early in the night). I woke up at 3am for a WBTB and decided I'd try meditating again. I did a mindfulness practice on my body, starting from the feet and working my way to the head until I held my whole body in awareness. Unfortunately I became too aware and lay in bed in a sort of borderline-sleep state from 3:30-6:00, bored as f*ck... I managed to recall two dreams (one from earlier in the night and another from 6:30-7:30).

      Dream 1 - Compliment
      More of a dream fragment, I was sitting in the lounge in my flat playing guitar and watching TV. No one was supposed to be home so I just decided to start singing. I love to sing but I REALLY suck lol, so I was just enjoying it . Then my flatmate Olly walks past and looks at me a bit surprised. I look up at him from the relaxed position I'm in as I sit on the couch. I don't seem to stop singing, I kind of keep going, trying to finish the verse I'm singing. It takes a few seconds and then he's like "Hey maybe your singing voice isn't as bad as you thought". Damn that felt nice hearing him say that ^_^

      Dream 2 - Awesome dad
      I remember being with my dad and he was driving us away from my university. We were heading to the university that he worked at (he doesn't in RL). It's not as prestigious as my own university, its reputation is that some of the people are a bit dumb . We arrive and enter through a white archway front entrance and rolled into a small courtyard with parking all over the place. There's a narrow road with diagonal parking spaces but they're all filled up, we drive down there anyways hoping to find a space at the end. It feels so vivid it's unbelievable. Like I can remember lots of random details... The sky was bright blue, I remember the clothing that some people wore (kind of artsy looking students, upon looking at them I thought they had some kind of school uniform too). I can remember the main building and how the windows looked (far too hard to explain), and I remember peering outside of the window to my left and spotting some cute looking girls looking my way . I thought to myself that this university would have been cool to go to, the whole place felt alive. I was still in the car with my dad driving down that narrow road looking for a park, but we reached the end and nothing. He then starts backing up the car and just goes so fast, he's looking behind us as he drives and looks so comfortable driving. I think to myself how good at driving he must be, especially since the road was so narrow. It really blew my mind. I notice also how damn long the road seems to be, was it always this long? We've been reversing for ages. I know that the road wasn't this long when we first went down it (low level awareness but I didn't get lucid). We're finally out and he turns the car around. "How come you didn't send me to this university?" I ask
      "Because I worked too damn hard" he replies (or something along those lines). He wanted me to go to a good university, though in RL he had no influence on my choice ^_^.
      I have to go back to my university now, so we both step out of the car. The place around us is quite active, there's a lot of people walking around since it's the middle of the day at a university. I run around the car and give my dad a big hug, "Love you dad!" I say with a profound sense of affection. I felt like my dad was just awesome . I wasn't even the slightest bit embarrassed about all the people that were looking at us. I head to the front entrance of the university by myself so I can catch a taxi home. The end.
    7. #131 - wild

      by , 10-15-2015 at 09:57 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      How do I start? I don't recall any dreams from last night which is because I couldn't fall asleep after nearly achieving a WILD. I think I fell asleep originally around 12-1, then woke up around 4 because of my alarm. I was super tired but got up to pee, then I ate a banana and just sat around with the light on for a few minutes. I headed back to bed and started doing SSILD cycles. I got through them pretty, I was convinced that I'd probably have a lucid if I could fall asleep fast enough. Turns out I just ended up lying awake for another hour because I was too awake from doing the SSILD cycles. This happens sometimes. After a while I became aware of the hypnogogic imagery being really strong. It was like at first I was in a day dream just waiting for sleep to hurry up, and then it became really vivid. I think at first I noticed that I was looking at my room and realized it was impossible because my eyes were meant to be shut. I felt myself being drawn into a dream, which was really unexpected. I tried to let myself go with the flow but screwed up and got kicked back into wakefulness. I calmed myself and tried to summon up the experience again. This time it kind of game and then faded. One more time, I manage to summon an image of a map with some basic imagery and symbols on it, I feel myself hurtling towards it though. "Oh my god are you serious?" I feel like I'm falling REALLY fast, my stomach lurches intensely and I get shocked back to wakefulness. "F*ck". I couldn't get it back after that and fell to sleep normally after another hour I think.
      Tags: wild
      false awakening
    8. #102 - brief sleep paralysis and a false awakening

      by , 07-28-2015 at 07:26 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1: Hangin out with Lloyd
      I remembered heaps of this dream but then forgot it 90% of it -.-.
      It was a slice of life kind of dream, really nice and vibrant, it seemed to take place at my primary schools grassy field. I was hanging out with friends on a nice bright summer day and I see my friend Lloyd. He hasn't spotted me yet and I haven't seen him for some time now, so I decide to go surprise him. I can't remember how I surprised him but we all laughed and then played some sort of sporty game, the whole thing was a blast.

      Dream 2: Insect zoo or something...
      I was walking down a corridor in a dimly lit hall, it was about 3 metres wide and everything was wooden to give off a 'nature-like' feel for its insect residents. The insects were behind several large glass panes that stretched up across a cross-section of a tree, of which there were 3 in my immediate vision. Candice and another guy who's name I forgot were looking at them with interest (they're geologists who specialise in fossils of trees and stuff), the guy said "oh there's actually a real one".. I glanced at what they were observing, I could make out the fake plastic giant insects (the size of a hand in length and quite thick, they had furryish bodies and large insect wings), but as I inspected closer I saw something else... The realism in the dream changed and suddenly things were sharper in detail, the insect I was now looking at was huge, it was nearly half a metre and appeared to be a queen... I could clearly make out the hairs on its body and see how its body quivered and vibrated with internal resonance, at this point I think I woke up...

      After waking from this dream I felt funny, I couldn't move and I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, to which I immediately thought was the result of a giant bug biting me
      I quickly shook of the sleep paralysis in the first few seconds though but still felt uncomfortable, I felt normal though. I then lay back down and cemented the dream in my mind and went back to bed. At which point I had a false awakening thinking there were spiders and bugs crawling all over me, I hopped out of bed and shook them all off, it was scary! Then I actually woke up...
    9. #93 - I remember more dreams when I'm stressed...

      by , 06-28-2015 at 01:30 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1 - Earthquake
      I just remember a clip from a dream where I thought we were having another earthquake or something... At first I thought I felt tremors, then I thought that maybe it was an earthquake about to come, then all of a sudden the whole bloody world just started shaking violently. I think I tried ducking underneath something but I can't remember the context very well.

      Dream 2 - Fresh baked bread
      I bake bread from time to time to save money and because I enjoy it, it's a fairly new hobby and I made my best loaf last night.. I had a dream about cutting a piece off and then tearing it up to share around with my flatmates, they tried it and I knew it was good, but for some reason I think there was a lack of interaction and I was a bit skeptical to the realism of the dream.

      Dream 3 - Fucking evil thing chasing me
      The kind of fucked up dream where you just KNOW that something is after you even though you haven't seen anything... I was in a sort of combination between the chemistry labs at uni and the chemistry labs at my old high school, I was trying to get away from something and I ran into a room with an exit on each side. The doors were getting smacked on and the walls were closing in.. Like really fast.. I just knew I had to get out of there, at some point it became SUPER realistic as I kind of tapped into a semi-lucid state and decided to dispel the dream. At first I thought I had woken up and was pretty stoked, but then I wondered why I wasn't in my room O_O so I concluded that I must still be dreaming... Then I started getting chased again >_<
      So now I'm back in the same room and the walls close in again, this time everything is fast-paced-super-realistic-action-like, I see a small window and run towards it pushing it open and then climbing through. I think something happens and I have to climb back inside, and everything is just chaos but super vivid.

      Seems like the more stressed I am about something, the more stressful my dreams, which also helps me remember them a bit.
    10. #92 - Non-lucid false awakening with sleep paralysis

      by , 06-23-2015 at 11:29 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      I was a ghost buster pretty much, or paranormal investigator. The places I seemed to go were dark and misty, spooky looking really... There were dead tress and stuff, and it was usually night. It must have been a pretty long dream but I can't recall everything I did, I do remember helping ghosts and stuff, all the ghosts seemed pretty nice except for the last one I helped.

      This ghost wanted to regain a part of itself, and that part was hidden in darkness so I couldn't see what it was. I tried my best to help it, and I manage to disperse some of the darkness (the darkness flowed like mist). I managed to see what the ghost was after, it was a short dark-haired girl that the ghost wanted to possess (the girl looked like the person I've been wanting to talk to in my lucids). I woke up after that... At least I thought I did. I'm unable to move and I realize I'm in sleep paralysis, but the ghost had possessed the girl and came to lie beside, only then did I realize it was evil. I tried to roll off the bed and I felt like it worked, but I realized I had only experienced the *feeling* of rolling off the bed, and in actuality I was still lying on my bed unable to move.

      After this I ended up waking up for real and it was daylight now... Also my windows were frozen, must have been very cold last night.

      I also can't believe how realistic that FA was, EVERYTHING was as it should have been. The pillow, blankets, the position I sleep in, the bin beside my bed, the desk on the other side of the room... Crazy
    11. #77 - Thought I was awake/Lucid and then evil lanterns/Lucid and god damnit chucky x2

      by , 03-12-2015 at 04:51 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Thought I was awake
      I decide to get up and go toilet, everything is completely normal, I'm in my flat and the locations are all correct. I notice that my flatmates door is open (in retrospect I realized that it was the wrong flatmate) and that he must be in the toilet, so I wander down and he just gets out, I then proceed in. I take a leak but cannot aim at all >_< I just get it everywhere, I want to clean it up but then my other flatmate turns up knocking on the door, I say that I'm in there but he still comes in! He just reaches in and grabs some object and then leaves. The door is still kind of open and I hurriedly clean up the mess... I then wake up in my bed thinking thank god I didn't wet the bed O_O

      Dream 2 - Lucid and then evil lanterns
      I'm lying in bed after having a cup of mugwort tea, deciding to give it a try once more to see if it actually does anything. I close my eyes and roll through my SSILD cycles trying to pump up my awareness. Once finished I imagine the feeling of running, I was just lying there and then I actually started to FEEL it... Surprised but calm, I went with the flow, a few seconds later I was running down a road... I immediately decided that I wanted to complete a dream task for once instead of mucking around (saying this out loud in the dream too, a bit curious to whether I was talking out loud IRL), I had already previously decided to drink a potion that revealed the ultimate truth. I see a man cycling uphill on the road I'm on and he has a potion in his jacket, I try to get him but he's too fast. I then use my dream powers to force-smash him off the bike like a Jedi, then force-pull him towards me. I loot the potion and read it, it's some kind of olive oil, delicious . I seem to be in a different area now too, it's kind of dark and in the distance there are these bobbing lights, I'm standing in the shadow of a building and I think I destroy a couple skeletons. I consume the 'potion of ultimate truth', lo and behold I realize... that the skeletons are the helping me, it's those bobbing lights which are evil sentient floating lanterns trying to take over my dream world. I don't remember too well what happens next, but I beat up some more skeletons, kind of forgetting the 'ultimate truth'. I think I kind of follow the dream and lose a bit of lucidity, but my brother approaches me, he is a skeleton too. He tells me to do something, but I can't remember that either, I end up in the area where I first spotted those bobbing lights, there's a girl on a bridge where zombies are trying to get her. She's a beautiful redhead and no one that I recognize, I smash through the zombies and take her with me, running past zombies which are now strangely sessile and passive. Maybe the zombies were risen by the lanterns?

      I felt like a lot happened and I assumed I'd be able to remember most of it, but I think I forgot heaps after losing a bit of my lucidity.

      Dream 3 - Lucid and god damnit chucky x2
      After the last dream, I found it easy to slip straight into lucidity the same way. It's extremely low level, like I knew it was a dream but I didn't really try to do anything. I'm at someones flat, the girl wants me to crash there and the other guys don't. I get sneaked into her room or something after a long disagreement in their hallway. I wasn't trying to get laid either, it was purely friendship, we started reading a book and I saw a house, it was moving and I could see Chucky the evil doll... I don't want to see him so I try dismiss him, I don't think I had much success because as I looked out the girls window I saw several Chuckys climbing out the window of a neighbouring house. I do a wave of my hands (this has been pretty much the most common way for me to dismiss or interact with the dream world) and try to make him disappear, but it's hard because I keep thinking about him >_<.

      I wake up after the dream and after cementing it to memory I slip straight back into the dream, I end up in a similar scenario and pissed off with it I just wake myself up and get up for the day.
    12. #72 - School bus trip, Kissed at high school, Some kind of false awakening

      by , 03-04-2015 at 09:51 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1
      So I think I was on bus and we stopped off at this care centre, I left my bag on the bus since we were supposed to get back on in 10 minutes. I went inside and something happened (forgot this detail) where I couldn't really continue on with everyone else to the next stop, it was related to me not being able to hear (My hearing aids have both just broken in real life). Instead, a lady asks if I want to help out and entertain some of the old people at the care centre, I accept (in a nonchalant manner) but I need to change my clothes first (my clothes got dirty somehow). I head back to the bus as it's preparing to leave, but my lack of hearing makes communicating difficult and I ask my friend Matt to help me out. He kind of just ignores me at first, then it's like he's being a jerk or trying to be funny and the whole thing is out of character. The starts to leave and drive down the road and I start to feel helpless.

      Dream 2
      In my old high school there was a circular brick wall about 40cm high with a pohutuawa tree in the middle surrounded by a bark surface. I was sitting on the bricks and it seemed to be during lunch time, a friend was next to me too. I noticed two girls who were approaching, they were my close friends mikayla and kashifa. We hugged and said hello and then kissed each other on the forehead for some reason... Next thing I know, the bell has rung and we're all heading off to our next classes. My friend who was sitting next to me is crawling on the ground and now there's a feeling like we're in primary school, and some people around him are saying "Wow that's weird what's he doing".

      Possibly a dream but not sure 3
      So I had kind of woken up, I'm currently sick with a head cold and I got really disorientated. I was drifting sleepily and kind of falling back asleep but waking up, and I must have dozed off for a few minutes... I thought that my gf and daughter were in the house and that I had forgotten where my daughter was, and I got really panicky since I don't think she was in the her cot. It was dark and I tried to get up to turn the light on, and then I woke up and opened my eyes -.- so false awakening?
    13. #56 - Choose a dream/Fish & Chips/freaky WILD event

      by , 11-18-2014 at 10:40 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Choose a dream (3:09am)
      Vaguely remember this dream, something about choosing which dream I wanted to go into next, there were sheep involved and I think someone I knew was playing a guitar and the started playing a song that I've been learning, but they were showing off about it or something.

      Dream 2 - Fish & Chips
      I'm walking through my hometown at night, I'm in the parking lot and I see my friend D. He seems to have a job at the local fish and chips shop, he offers to make me a meal but it wasn't fish and chips, it was like some crazy dessert pavlova-look-a-like that was super extravagant and exotic.

      Dream 3 - WILD (closest thing I've had to a WILD success)
      I'm trying to go through my SSILD cycles, I start to notice a WILD transition come on (vibrations and hypnogogia). I try not to focus on them too much like I did the other two times this is happened to me (which I screwed up >_<) and nearly lost it at one point. But then I realized I could egg the vibrations to intensify by using my jaw, tensing it or something. The vibrations intensify to an extreme level, my jaw is buzzing and grinding and vibrating so much the I feel like my tooth is about to break. I make it to the dream, but as I do this my tooth shatters.
      I think "Oh ****, my tooth!" My first instinct was to wake up, so I do this and hop out of bed, I spit the tooth into my hand, I can feel the missing slot in my mouth where my tooth was... I stare at the tooth in my hand in disbelief...
      I wake up. I had been in a false awakening
    14. #29 - First FA/Cleaning

      by , 10-14-2014 at 09:37 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Day 8 SSILD - Did the cycles before I went to bed, I ended up having a FA around midnight. Was pretty weird, the feeling of waking up, and then waking up again. Also did some cycles around midnight and 3:30ish but just fell asleep shockingly fast.

      Note: SSILD seems to be helping with my insomnia.

      Note: Didn't put a great deal of effort into recalling my dreams this morning, I forgot 2 of them and most of the one that I do remember. They were all quite vivid and intensely long though.

      Dream 1 - Cleaning
      In a hall place, I can recall seeing people sitting at a desk writing stuff out. Then for some reason I was cleaning stuff in this room. I saw a few people from my geology class which is a dream sign for me.

      Can't put as much effort into lucid dreaming sadly exams are taking up my focus for the next few weeks.