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    Crusader's Journal

    Meeting with Krilatiy (Winged. Angel)

    by , 12-29-2016 at 10:39 AM (131 Views)

    Can't remember how lucid comes. A place near home. I see a man, he is bright pure white, and hovering over the ground in а horizontal position face to ground. I came closer, know from him that he Krilatiy, and I thought he is the same name user from forum (Russian lucid dreams forum). Krilatiy (Крылатый) means Winged on Russian. He looks like angel, fully bright white with classic angel wings and white robe. We talked for nearly all time, I remember the main probably.
    First he told something about the dark demonic essences. I said that against them the cross protects very well. I show him my cross on neck, and told how I recently banish some essence and demons in astral. Krilatiy said that is nice.
    We moved by flying over the ground. Flew smoothly and relaxed up to my house. I'm not hurry and calmly watched around. Drew attention to awareness, it is high almost like in reality. I view space and felt especially ghostly. And I myself was very ghostly.
    At one moment Krilatiy become invisible, but continued to talk with me. I looked at the empty air, and knew that he is here. Again he became visible, and I ask him how I look? he said that I also look like angel.
    We came to the house. I saw in the sky fighter jet, he flew very high. I say, let's teleport into the cockpit and fly in it, Krilatiy agreed. I looked at the plane and wanted to be in it, expressed a wish with voice, imagining that I'm in it, closed-open eyes, etc. Krilatiy doing the same thing as me, but we could not, and the jet was out of sight. Then I heard a loud explosions, looked to the direction from the sound came, and saw bright light flashes. Krilatiy entered the house, I did the same. Woke up some time later.

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    Tags: angels, lucid