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    Hanging on the Edge

    by , 02-18-2014 at 02:50 AM (315 Views)
    I was at my home, but instead of a forest behind it there was a cliff falling at least a mile down into a beautiful river valley. At the top of the cliff there was 20 feet or so of rock at a 45 degree angle before it went totally vertical. A friend of mine who's very much into hiking and climbing was climbing around on the horizontal part, so I went over and climbed down a bit to talk to her. Right at the edge of the cliff, where it goes vertical, there was a hand-sized crack in the rock. She climbed down to it, put her hands it in, and let herself fall off the edge. The wind tried to pull her outwards over the valley but, holding onto the crack on the rock, she ended up floating over the precipice like a flag. She wanted me to join her, and I did. So I was there looking down miles into the abyss, with the wind trying to pry my hands out of the crack. It was very strong, and when it shifted, I could feel my hands shifting in the crack, and I would feel vividly anxious, thinking I was about to lose my grip. I said to my friend beside me: "We'll die if we fall, isn't this dangerous?" and her answer was, "of course not, if you're brave enough to try, you're strong enough to hold on." And those words came across to me as such a powerful expression of freedom and vitality, I knew it was true and wasn't worried anymore.

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