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    Master criminal

    by , 01-07-2014 at 03:47 PM (332 Views)
    I was on a plane with my hands tied up and guarded by three guards who were all female I think. We were being transported to prison for mass theft. My partner in crime was there tied up too. We caught the guards unawares and did some fancy stuff with our feet to beat them up and escape our bonds. Then we took some parachutes and did a HALO jump and opened our chutes right above a river that was flowing out of the city. We landed in the river with our view of most of the rest of the city obscured by an apartment bloc that only had those little high-in-your-wall windows on that side of the building, and no normal viewing windows, so no one saw us touch down in the water and everyone thought we hadnít opened our chutes and had died. At this point I noticed that most of the city was very run-down and looked like it had been firebombed. I had been stealing with this guy so that I could pay my own room and board for my last semester of university.

    So now that we didnít have to worry about the police coming after us anymore, we went back to the university where we were working on writing a story for a class with a third guy. We had plagiarized H.P. Lovecraft some and the teacher got suspicious, so we changed some words to make it less plagiarizy. When we finished we went to the store to buy some candy which had something - I have no idea what - to do with the story. Aaaand that's basically it.

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