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    1. Killing aggressive lesbians and being chased by bugs

      by , Yesterday at 05:53 PM
      Yu came out into the hallway of a hotel outside our room naked. I was standing with these other girls Michelle and Tall Girl Sasha. Michelle and Tall Girl started groping her and making sexually aggressive comments about her body. Yu was really upset, crying and yelling stop. When she managed to get away, she started yelling at me thinking I was trying to setup a lesbian 4 way so she ran inside.

      I think I punched Michelle and Sasha at this point and went inside my room.
      Yu and I layed and talked for a while and I tried to comfort her.

      Suddenly the door swung open and Michele and Tall Girl were back for revenge. They started punching me and we brawled until we were back outside of the door of the hotel room. We were many floors above the ground and I managed to throw both of them over the side railing to their deaths.

      Then the dream took a really weird turn. I was in a college like environment and some guy was explaining the code for a game he wrote. But then a terrifying bug (literally a giant insect) emerged and started chasing me down. This was by far the most terrifying part of the dream. The bug was not only scary looking but it spoke directly into my head in a deep devil like voice.

      The day before that I dreamed that I was having a really heart felt conversation with Lady Gaga. I felt a strong love for her (in a family sort of way) and blurted out "I love you to her". I realized then it is unlikely I would be conffessing my love to Lady Gaga and woke up. But, it was a false awakening and now I was departing off of a plane.

      In the terminal, I stopped for a coffee. At the caffe, the cash register was on the second floor and I orded my drink their. I then went down an esculator to the first floor to pick up my drink
      nightmare , dream fragment
    2. Dying sister

      by , 11-24-2019 at 08:26 PM
      My sister was dying from cancer. I was crying on the couch. My mom was back from the dead comforting me.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Back to school

      by , 11-13-2019 at 06:21 PM
      This was a stressful dream. I think this a recurring dream, or perhaps nightmare.

      I am back in high school. These are the classes I remember on my schedule
      - Religion
      - Film

      But I know there was 8 other classes I can't think of. I was worried because there was a religion paper I had to hand in but I had not started or even gone to a single class.

      I was worried that even if I completed the paper the teacher wouldn't know who I was. I felt so stressed and overwhelmed by the workload.

      I went looking for my counselor and found her waiting for me in the lobby. She gave me a hug but said she couldn't remember my name. I started talking to her about wanting to withdraw from classes.

      I woke up a few moments later relieved I am not in high school anymore.

      Dreams are wonderful. It felt so real being back to school. How terrifying.
    4. F

      by , 04-19-2019 at 01:41 AM
      My dad was mad at me because I didn't tell my mom to pick me up at the correct place. She drove to pick me up but it was a dead end so she had to turn around. My dad and I got into a fight. He unleashed a mac miller song about junkie zombies on me and i was grabbed by a blue zombie. But i clenched my body and the zombie poofed into dust.

      Worked event in a theater. Natalie asked me to put my phone on silent. I was sitting down in the theater. She wanted to talk. I was worried it was about me laying down on the job earlier.

      In the brush with strangers who communed at the same place each night to discuss there problems.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    5. Scary Roller Coaster

      by , 05-31-2018 at 05:21 PM
      Matt and Alec were on a discord chat with me. Matt asked me a bunch of questions about alec. I was mad at him cause I said some things about alec's social skills while alec was on the channel the whole time. Then Alec and I had a talk about it afterward. He sent me a message saying he likes french toast and has other interestes besides programaming such as cooking.
      at an amusment park and the rides were ridiculously high. Some friends and I were all of the sudden climbing a really high roaller coaster can suddenly became scared one of the cars would run us over on the track. We slid down a beam of the coaster. klefstad was in some of the arcade games
      Then I was in a locker room where they demanded to shave every part of my body
      Was at a family party and had apparently just completed some sort of hunger games like task. people applauded me and my aunt ask if i wanted anything and i requested white tea. my cousins took a hit form a bong
      was in a restaurant and had an idea a restaurant where the waiter doesnt go to you but you go to the waiter. and thats why they call him a waiter becasuse he is waiting for customers to come to him. somehow we ended up getting thrown out of the restaurant
    6. Sink lucidity

      by , 05-29-2018 at 05:01 PM
      Lucid dream where I was in the back room and I think Phoebe was at the door I let her inside. Strange thing was that it was super dark when I first entered the room and pheobe was a dark silloute of a cat. When I touched her she did her typical catlike move the sdie and curl around my hand.

      Then the lights were on without me noticing and Margaux was on the couch. I saw Tucker jump up onto the couch to get a drink of water. Thats when I noticed there was an extra sink on the counter. I realized I am probably dreaming. I looked at my hand and although I didn't have an extra finger my hands looked really disorted.

      By that point however it didnt matter as i knew it was a dream since I remembered that
      a) tucker is dead
      b) dont live at home anymore
      c) dont have two sinks next to eachother

      Soon after the dream sort of started to black out. then I wasnt sure if i was dreaming anymore or laying in my bed. i told myself to remain still and keep my eyes closed in hopes of reentering the lucid and i managed to reenter a dream but was this time
      not lucid.

      Also was skiiing with my dad at some point. It was really cold and windy and we were looking to rent skiis for him.
      There was also an indian girl who wanted to have sex with me in the ski lodge.
    7. Fragments

      by , 05-24-2018 at 06:03 PM
      Dreamt was on baseball field and a fat lady told everyone what position she would play.
      I wanted to play on the infield but ended up trying to get a spot in right field.
      Inside of a haunted house of souse. Things in the house could move on there own.
      There were a few objects that were alive and these objects could make other inanimate object alive as well. There was a plate that moved a little bit for example. I was in a living room watching the plates and other objects move slightly and a family was sitting on the couch in the living room all facing the same way in silence staring at me. I wondered if they noticed things moving.
      I then think I told them that stuff was moving and we should leave the house. Someone told me that someone had already died.
      Mel had a party and her and her friends would periodically tell me that someone had a crush on me. I wondered who it was. It was a gay guy. Later Devin asked me for a cigarette and to turn on some classical music. Then Dev and a bunch of family members were sleeping in a a corridor on mattress pads. I was across from Devi
      - things in houses can't move
      - mel and devin don't live anywhere near me
      - why would my whole family be sleeping in a corridor on matress pads?
      - I haven't played baseball in over 10 years
      - why would i be in a womens baseball leauge?

      - cigarettes
      - classical music
      - baseball
      dream fragment
    8. At a pier carnival

      by , 08-02-2017 at 02:21 PM
      I was driving a truck on a wooden pier up an escalator. I was complaining MTV my sister she's nevertheless here for me when moments when I need her. She argued she cant no my mind. We were in a hotel my dad and I wer s moking weed together. Eventuallly. I went out on balcony and I guy tried to throw up something I had knocked down.
    9. Girl Scouts

      by , 08-01-2017 at 12:50 PM
      I was back at my grammar school and my little neighbor Arron was selling Girl Scout cookies. She was carrying this heavy looking box so I set down what I was carrying and took her box and joke "Thanks for the cookies" as I pretended to walk away. We all went and sat down by a chair. She pulled out a flip phone and called her mom to come get her. I remarked she had the same phone as me.

      Earlier, I had been in the third grade and I had my own desk (like a big old teachers desks) and said casually, "I think I'll just stay here overnight". The teacher said she couldn't let me. I told her I understood because of the liabilities involved.
    10. Strange wedding party

      by , 07-31-2017 at 02:38 PM
      So me and my team were on some secret ops mission against these guys before someone's wedding. We wer all shouting each other across a grassy field. I had a crappy pistol and everyone else had stronger weapons. I tooik cover behind a small stone wall. All the sudden everyone just stopped shooting each other. I was worried because I still had a live bullet in the gun. Anyway, they decided we would do some cave jumping next. I was selected to lead some team to the top of the cave. I had a vague understanding of the rules. Turns out we were supposed to not race to top but prevent other teams from getting their. My team lost. But then it didn't even matter cause we were all stuck at the top of this huge waterfalll inside the cave. Now it was every man ofr himself. Back at the house the groom was making the contestants preform sexual favors on him. I was next in line but when I somehow ended up there he was really high on drugs and I think had passed out.

      Before all this my dad and I were playing what I thought was super smash Merle. But the characters were all weird. There was like a garbage man as one of the characters.
    11. soy gets molested in a church

      by , 07-08-2016 at 03:09 PM
      At Mcdonalds there was a car wash service. i started walking accross the street to the church and there was a car accident. the girl got out and started walking n side the church. i asked if she was okay.I was in Mark Mothersbaugh devo team. We were preforming our final show of the year at a church. i saw anthony. matt j. my foot got caugt on the microphone and i yelled at the congragation "if we are all of gods children your going to have to deal with me too. then something disturbing happened. i sat down in one of the rows next to soy. this guy came over behind soy and immediatly i didnt like him. i sensed trouble. then he sat next to soy and started grabbing soys dick inside his pocket. i got freaked out and asked soy if he consented to this attentin. he just looked confused. i stood up and punched the guy unconcious. I was very upset. I went out side and was crying. I had a better understanding/compassion for people were molested. Hayley came outside and comforted me. then it was 15 minutes until devo preformed, i went back stage. hayley her bf, some other girls, were all taking naps before the show. we were in a yoga studio or something. i laid down on the floor. then my alarm sounded.
    12. Hittin on girl at petes

      by , 07-07-2016 at 02:41 PM
      Dreamt invot drafted to iraq. Was in a huge stadium with obama giving a speech. Was at a funral. Hit on a girl at peetes coffe
    13. Skeleton girls

      by , 07-05-2016 at 05:09 PM
      I saw a film called dead something . It was at am arcade inside of the games with a two person shooter inside a little room. The film was about two groups who teamed up to fight the enemy but after the enemy was defeated the groups fought themselves. I remember explaining this to damien. There were these to chicks trying to kill me and in the end i stabbed on of them and shot the other. They turned into skeletons really fast.

      Almost had a wild but got too excited when the sensation stsrtd coming
    14. Last footbal game

      by , 07-04-2016 at 03:36 PM
      I wasnt allowed to play the game cause i was sick. I ran into cody and he said his mom was coming to the game. I wsnt really sick the nirse just said so, i was furious. I broke a mirror. Fought some kid. So mucj angr in this dream
    15. a car that you can compresses to a suitcase

      by , 06-23-2016 at 07:58 AM
      This little dream fragment from last night just came to mind. I was in one of those little mini cars that has two passenger seats This is really more psychology than it is philosophy, but...-s839229361958944689_p5_i1_w468.jpg

      I needed to continue my adventures afoot so i casually decided to fold this car into a neat little suitcase. I grabbed the handle, stretched it out towards a bike rack, and locked it up.

      Funny how you can do the must absurd things in dreams yet continue along as if everything was normal.
      dream fragment
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