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    angry matt

    by , 10-23-2012 at 03:04 PM (293 Views)
    first i was in hawaii. i had been on a black cruise ship then i was in like a super fast warp were i was zooted across town on some motor cycle with my dad. he dropped me off at some place and i walked aroimd bare foot for a while. i bought some running shoes that were the same as my old ones. i talked to some lady about her husband who was going to kill himself so she thought, i went to hand out with so called friends like matt jajeh and andrew ahern even cody brown was being a dick and i was made fun of and hurt and than told to lighten up. i eventually started punching andrew as hard as i could and then ijust left. the dream became me on a motorcycle trying to dodge on coming traffic. i felt like the wirfe who husddband was gonna kill ihmself. i was transported back to her house. she talked to me and i realized like in RL that she ehibitied true love cause she let her man go free. i began to cry and say i miss hayley. the woman laughed. her man appearped from no where and stared killing people. when then fbi showed up they got into a flame thowoer battle but ii showed them somting cooler. i heat up a glass pannel that allowed us to look through the panel like we were playing a digital are video game.super intresting dream
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    non-lucid , dream fragment