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    Back to school

    by , 11-13-2019 at 06:21 PM (67 Views)
    This was a stressful dream. I think this a recurring dream, or perhaps nightmare.

    I am back in high school. These are the classes I remember on my schedule
    - Religion
    - Film

    But I know there was 8 other classes I can't think of. I was worried because there was a religion paper I had to hand in but I had not started or even gone to a single class.

    I was worried that even if I completed the paper the teacher wouldn't know who I was. I felt so stressed and overwhelmed by the workload.

    I went looking for my counselor and found her waiting for me in the lobby. She gave me a hug but said she couldn't remember my name. I started talking to her about wanting to withdraw from classes.

    I woke up a few moments later relieved I am not in high school anymore.

    Dreams are wonderful. It felt so real being back to school. How terrifying.

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