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    by , 05-24-2018 at 06:03 PM (73 Views)
    Dreamt was on baseball field and a fat lady told everyone what position she would play.
    I wanted to play on the infield but ended up trying to get a spot in right field.
    Inside of a haunted house of souse. Things in the house could move on there own.
    There were a few objects that were alive and these objects could make other inanimate object alive as well. There was a plate that moved a little bit for example. I was in a living room watching the plates and other objects move slightly and a family was sitting on the couch in the living room all facing the same way in silence staring at me. I wondered if they noticed things moving.
    I then think I told them that stuff was moving and we should leave the house. Someone told me that someone had already died.
    Mel had a party and her and her friends would periodically tell me that someone had a crush on me. I wondered who it was. It was a gay guy. Later Devin asked me for a cigarette and to turn on some classical music. Then Dev and a bunch of family members were sleeping in a a corridor on mattress pads. I was across from Devi
    - things in houses can't move
    - mel and devin don't live anywhere near me
    - why would my whole family be sleeping in a corridor on matress pads?
    - I haven't played baseball in over 10 years
    - why would i be in a womens baseball leauge?

    - cigarettes
    - classical music
    - baseball

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