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    homless shelter and other stuf

    by , 02-21-2014 at 03:26 PM (349 Views)
    i was working vallet on some bridge in sf, it was really intense and i ended up like stealing a cacr and driving it all ovfer hte bridge . i say apollo from high school

    also i recall seeing hayley, she said she just broke up with her boyfriend cuz she was interested in some new guy... we were justtalking and i asked about the new guy and she said he was more sympathetic and would treat her better. i got us a vegitarian meal and we went swimming some where

    later i was at a dinner and then all these homless people were going tosppend the night tehre cuz thats what the dinner did. i bought really old souviner ciagertes that were from like the 1950s. then i got into a conversation with some war veran.

    then my dream shifted to some guy who was in the mob. its 630 now im going back to sleep part 2 coming soon

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    1. whitedreams's Avatar
      ok here was the other half. ididnt remembe but it just came back...so tarahnay came in my room and we were kissing, which is pretty random. i was trying to take it to the next level and she was saying lets stay friends. i was in agreement with her choice. but i was like lets be reallly close friends. she laughed and i think dissapeared.

      there was other stuff in this dream that involved me being a danceer but i cant recally right now