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    by , 08-13-2015 at 02:40 PM (266 Views)
    Dreamed that i was improvising with Alec and a bunch of others guys at an audition. Sarah was there watching us all. We were playing this game first were everyone would go around in a circle and copy the next guy. the first guy to go put a ball in his mouth, a little ping pong ball that is. i tried to copy but my mouth wouldn't open wide enough. the next game everyone walked over to a closet and pretended to come out as a monster. alec was before me and he came out as some monster that i can't remember. i found my my monster by sticking my left arm out and beginning to walk with a limp, i don't know exactly what i was maybe and evil scientist. i kept saying "yes ...hehehehehk eyes" and limping around creepily. Everyone laughed. i sat shook off the character and sat down. sarah was laughing which made me happy because it meant i did a good job and would maybe make it on the team.

    before all this happened i was at a party with my sister i think. i didn't know everyone there.

    before that i was driving around the mountain dirt roads with someone having a good time.

    then later in the dream i had to drive through the same mountains but with my mom and she was freaking out about everything and really annoying me. i did not enjoy the drive as much

    later i went back to the same parter my sister was at but with some girl.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment