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    Inside the mouth of two vampires

    by , 08-14-2015 at 03:11 PM (236 Views)
    This dream was nightmarish. First i was at a water park that required you to exercise while in line. some kids from high school were with me, i think joey rigger and his cousin or something. one line we ran in place. then we saw that the gruzzly didn't have a line so we stopped running in pace and went over there. i held the rope door open for a girl passing by. we got to the grizzly and could stand right infant of where the carts passed by. we saw a friend in a single car on the ride.

    later we were at a caffe that happened to be in line of the roller coaster. i had an espresso with coffee and the server told me i was a child guy.

    i eneded up being roomates with dalia and a bunch of other actor kids and i acted quite and reserved.

    before all of this happened i was on a stage in a secret compartment, drew showed me that if you go under the stage there is turn table that rotates in a circle and can take you to the back of the stage. it was really fun. i said i wanted one in my room. i also told drew i couldn't be a plumber like my dad.

    finally the scary part of my dream was that one of my friends was a zombie and kept trying to eat everone. he ate a couple of my friends and i drove off in a hurry. he tried to eat me on the 3rd floor of a parking lot and i screamed for help and slammed his head against a wall. i was able to throw him off the building but the ledge had a grassy hill instead of a 3 story drop and i think he would have been okay. i woke up anyway.

    the other part of the dream was i imagined dracula had bit some girl and they were both flying around getting people. i was inside both of their mouths at the same time and could see their snake ilike fangs growing and hissing. It was like being in a snakes mouth. The room was gummy soft pink color. i could also see there eyeballs from the inside of their head. by the looks of her eye balls i determined, she was dead. Dracula, however, was in some other state.

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