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    Killing aggressive lesbians and being chased by bugs

    by , 12-14-2019 at 05:53 PM (229 Views)
    Yu came out into the hallway of a hotel outside our room naked. I was standing with these other girls Michelle and Tall Girl Sasha. Michelle and Tall Girl started groping her and making sexually aggressive comments about her body. Yu was really upset, crying and yelling stop. When she managed to get away, she started yelling at me thinking I was trying to setup a lesbian 4 way so she ran inside.

    I think I punched Michelle and Sasha at this point and went inside my room.
    Yu and I layed and talked for a while and I tried to comfort her.

    Suddenly the door swung open and Michele and Tall Girl were back for revenge. They started punching me and we brawled until we were back outside of the door of the hotel room. We were many floors above the ground and I managed to throw both of them over the side railing to their deaths.

    Then the dream took a really weird turn. I was in a college like environment and some guy was explaining the code for a game he wrote. But then a terrifying bug (literally a giant insect) emerged and started chasing me down. This was by far the most terrifying part of the dream. The bug was not only scary looking but it spoke directly into my head in a deep devil like voice.

    The day before that I dreamed that I was having a really heart felt conversation with Lady Gaga. I felt a strong love for her (in a family sort of way) and blurted out "I love you to her". I realized then it is unlikely I would be conffessing my love to Lady Gaga and woke up. But, it was a false awakening and now I was departing off of a plane.

    In the terminal, I stopped for a coffee. At the caffe, the cash register was on the second floor and I orded my drink their. I then went down an esculator to the first floor to pick up my drink
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    1. MortalTrinity's Avatar
      How interesting, I literally just a had dream involving a girl on girl sexual assault (I'm actually typing it out right now). Are these three girls recurring dream figures?