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    lucid dream!! yeyeyey

    by , 02-25-2014 at 02:37 PM (232 Views)
    man its ben a while since i lucideded this is awesome
    and i did it in such a classy way.

    i was lifting these garbage cans up and was really struggeling until i sorta realized that i could just pick em up if i believed i could pick em up. so then i lifted em really high and was liike perfect. didnt rejister that it was a dream til like a lil after

    so then
    i was at a playground at myold grammar school and realizd wait this smy be a dream. i looked at my hands and started rubbing them together while repeating. i am dreaming. as i spoke the clairtyof what i was saying got better and better and the detail of my vision got better. for example i saw my hands and i focused on alll the little wrinkles and creases. i counted my fingers and on my right hand id count 7 and then like 3 more would pop up . so crazy!!

    then i looked around and saw the world clearly, there was beautiful trees tall as could be in the horizion soaring way up into thesky. i decidied id go for a fly and swam up into the air, i kicked like how a frog swims and was saoaring high. i knew that it was adream and i didnt have to even dothat motion but i did it anyway. as i was in the air flying around i thought ot ymself Nat would lbe so proud if she could see me flying in the air like this!! then i tried to fly over a tellephone pole and failed hahaah. i landed on the ground and tried to recenter the dream by repeating the mantra i am dreaming but then i went into a darkness and woke up.guess i shoulda jus stayed still and tried to WILD back in o welll fuck it it was fun

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