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    1. Sink lucidity

      by , 05-29-2018 at 05:01 PM
      Lucid dream where I was in the back room and I think Phoebe was at the door I let her inside. Strange thing was that it was super dark when I first entered the room and pheobe was a dark silloute of a cat. When I touched her she did her typical catlike move the sdie and curl around my hand.

      Then the lights were on without me noticing and Margaux was on the couch. I saw Tucker jump up onto the couch to get a drink of water. Thats when I noticed there was an extra sink on the counter. I realized I am probably dreaming. I looked at my hand and although I didn't have an extra finger my hands looked really disorted.

      By that point however it didnt matter as i knew it was a dream since I remembered that
      a) tucker is dead
      b) dont live at home anymore
      c) dont have two sinks next to eachother

      Soon after the dream sort of started to black out. then I wasnt sure if i was dreaming anymore or laying in my bed. i told myself to remain still and keep my eyes closed in hopes of reentering the lucid and i managed to reenter a dream but was this time
      not lucid.

      Also was skiiing with my dad at some point. It was really cold and windy and we were looking to rent skiis for him.
      There was also an indian girl who wanted to have sex with me in the ski lodge.
    2. strange buzzing/ringing sound during a cat nap

      by , 06-18-2016 at 12:31 AM
      it was dark. The dream clearly was in its infancy stages yet i was concious of this being the case. I heard a high pitched frequency sound progressively getting louder and louder. I stayed calm. I couldn't really move and felt like i was stuck inside a body. So i tried to hover out of my body. I experienced the sensation of levitating above my body (it was still dark so i'm not sure if my body was below me or not) then i heard a strange grindy sort of voice singing in the most horrifying manner "I fell on something dark.....I fell on something dark...." and so on. This voice, much like the high pitched ringing, crescendoed, yet this time I got scared and forced myself to wake up.

      Would have been interesting to let that dream form. Wish i would have started imaginging some scenery. I'm sure if i had just chilled that voice would have soon gone away.
    3. binaural induced sleep paralysis/lucid dream

      by , 05-15-2014 at 11:37 PM
      i was laying down and had the sensation that kristen had suddenly flown over me. i woke up startled cuz i thought i was naked and didnt want to be seen but then she disapeared which freaked me out. i tried to get up but couldnt move. i realized i must be in sleep payalsysis. i laid there trying to just focus on moving my finger (i remembered this technique from the movie kill bill) i finally moved my thumb and then had the confidence to get out of bed. i stepped down onto the floor and the dream was very unstable. itried to stabalize it by talking out loud and looking at my hands but i couldnt see my hands at all. i peered out a tiny window that was in my floor and saw a gloomy day with trees. i decided i would try and go out there. should have spent more time stabalizing dream, i lost lucidity/ even more so should have remained completly still after i lost conciousness

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    4. idah lucid

      by , 04-29-2014 at 05:11 AM
      i just remember a portion of my dream vaguely being lucid. I was just walking around like o shit this is a dream. i tried to think of stuff to do but couldnt come up with any ideas. eventually i lost lucidness.so yea next time just center in lucidness and dont fuck around
    5. i think i wild?

      by , 02-03-2014 at 05:39 PM
      i went to bed at 8 so there was a series of dreams between my wake up of 7:30

      first dream was after i had already woke up once. I kinda remember falling asleep and like melting into the dream. immediatley i recognized that i was in a dream and checked my hands just to make sure. sure enough i had the extra finger on each hand. it was pretty dark though and having been lucid for some time i started trying to do stuff. i saw my cat tucker for example, two versions of him, one as himself an orange cat and another as a white cat. i ponted my finger in a gun shape at the white cat cause i knew that was an imposter and trie to go bang bang, but i dont think i believed in that enough so it didnt work. the only cool lucid thing i really did was like morph through a wall. then i believe afterwards i had a false awakening because it was really dark and i was in my bedroom only to soon after find myself at the beach but sadly non lucid.
    6. lucid

      by , 01-09-2014 at 12:09 AM
      i was driving in a car and i gained conciosness as the car failed to proceed forwards up at the smile incle of a stop light. i looked at my hands and thought fondly that i had plenty of time to be lucid (as id wrongly assumed i was going to bed at night when really i was only napping) my hands shifted in and out of definition and iheard lots of strange sounds. i stayed calm trying to see my hands clearly and float out of the car
    7. lucid in the bathroom

      by , 10-21-2013 at 10:49 PM
      i wandered into some bathroom where all sorts of weird figures were doing stuff and i realized by looking at the mirror that it was a dream . ilooked to the door to some girlboy walking out and i said fuck you for no reason.

      then i looked in the mirror and tried to stabalize the dream by repeating to myself this is a lucid dream. i rubbed my hands and tried to see them but it faded fast.
    8. Lucid skate boarding

      by , 09-27-2013 at 04:46 PM
      i almost didn't remember this dream but it came back to me in morning meditation! i looked down at my hands and realized I am dreaming! i had extra fingers and i was like holy shit! then i started getting a little restless and paced around repeating the mantra I am dreaming trying to ground myself. i was afraid of waking and tried rubbing my hand and engaging all my senses.

      When i lucid dream tonight i will make sure to stay in one place and really ground myself. i'll realize its a lucid dream and constnaly remind myself while feeling my inner body.

      anyway so i was walking down the side walk and had a skateboard. i tried to do a trick fell hit the ground and said ow. then i realized its a fucking dream how could anything possibly hurt if i didnt want it to? so i summoned the skateboard back to my hand and caught it slightly impressed i was able to command the board to me. then i think sometime after i lost lucidity or stopped remembering

      Great success for me! finally back on rack
    9. a nap

      by , 05-21-2013 at 08:26 PM
      i dreamed that i was in this movie theater were the seats faced away from the screen and towards the audiencve. i started hearing this basseyloud vibtattion through my head an realized shit this must be a dreame. i staid chill mostly and enhoyed it.. my ahnds were invisible and i rubed them together trying to envision them as appearing they slowly did.

      then i jumped on some stairts to an imaginary rail but i said im dreaming and bam there it was it was so scoooooll
    10. Iam conciousness

      by , 05-13-2013 at 11:53 PM
      lil 15 minute lucid nap

      I was drifting in out of the dream, it wasnt quite established so i was trying to really rub my hands. Jet lee was there, some guy was shootng me and i was screaming "i am conciousness"

      then a thought of doubt would come and it would start to fade, i fought for a while like this

      later i was on a play strucucure playing a game with my dad and shannon. not sure how it really went but i just no my dad was wearing like motorcycle gear trying to chase me or something. then irelaized it was a dream and like he would speed up when i thought he was gone or like what i believed thats wat he would do
    11. goin toward the light

      by , 10-06-2012 at 12:08 AM
      i think i know the formula well my formula for lucids. i listen to deadmau5s "alone with you" and i have a lucid draem. granted i believe i can have a lucid. and this one was really cool. i was in some other world and realized i was lucid so got a lil excited but started rubbing my hands together and grounding myself in the dream . then my body started flowing towards this light of sorts i couldn't see but i new i was naked with my arms stretched out towards the light. it was like a dark light that had these deep glowing colorsa nd i remember i said somthing to myself like "i am lucid" annd it was really just trippey and cdhill.
    12. Yey a lucid!!!

      by , 10-03-2012 at 12:05 AM
      so i was sleeping in my sisiters room and some dark spirit was coming to talk to me. i realized that it was not actually real and i was dreaming. I couldnt see anything and but knew ii was laying down so i was susspicious i was dreaming but new that i was deep down. so the dark spirit said "i have aphone call for you" and seemed ominous about it . the caller at the other end was some deep voice on the other end that was making threats, i ignored them and realized it wa was bullshit. with my spirit i grabbed the dark spirit hovering above my bed by the chest and said "THis is my dream" the spirit tried to hold me down but i persisted and he went away.

      After this i was so happy that my dream powers was working i continued to dream . I wadered into my room and the dream began to stabalize. everything was the same but the walls and things were distorted. my grandpa was standing outside my door and i knew he was a dream character, i said hi and walked by. In my living room my family moved around happily and this put me at ease. i did a reality check and looked at my hands which kept morphing into different shapes so i knew i was dreaming for sure. my mom came up to me and gave me a hug and it kinda freaked me out cuz i though "well its a dream so shes not really my mom". "why are you shaking matt" I backed away and told her this was a dream. I considered going outside of the house, but the dream soon fell apart and i woke up feeling accomplished!! FUCK YEA
    13. o no it was kinda scary part 2 Hotel

      by , 09-15-2012 at 04:19 PM
      wasnt really a nightmare cause it was more like i was watchen a movie than involved with it. there kas a referee during a girls teams for basketball to decide who would get the bell. it was 3 teams nd he stalle d s o muc h and did like the longest inie meenie minie mo people went crazy after ehe picked blue even some of the girlsl were pissed. on the way back to there llittle home a girl in a white dress wiwth blood on her lips cahsed another girl into a bathroom, she like loooked like she wanted to eat the girl and then she had the girl like frozen in the stall some how. when the next girl walked in she chased her to and made that girl like stand dead frozene peeing on the round as she cried. her body blinked as a skeleton so i didnt know which girl was alive or dead. than a sgtronger looking girl wlaked in nd i dont know who won that fight. i

      i was going on some trip with my mom but o gpt side rracked with grandma and grandpa and never made it to the vacation.

      the other part of the dream i was with hayley and i dont know what we were going but it felt good to see her. eventualy i ended up at my house and i took out the porche go coart for a ride around taylor and was diong a great job shifting when the cops told me to go no further i turned around and made it through some gift shosp that i bought some blue berry potion from that made you dream. i alsaas...... On THE WAY HOME i realized holy shit im dreaming and i can drive this go cart however i want. i decided id drive through a car and i hit the car. i got back in the cart but soon for got i iwas dreaming. next time i will Get up and do somthing completly off the path of wheree my dream was going
    14. 1st lucid dream !!

      by , 10-02-2010 at 08:01 PM
      i kept falling asleep and waking up then falling asleep and finally i had a lucid dream. I had went to bed really high the night before. So i remember being inside of a car and i asked myself wait is this a dream. I did the RC where you push your hand through the other hand and that didnt work so i tried counting my fingers. As i looked at my hands i noticed they were very and i counted and noticed an extra finger on the left hand i was like yes im dreaming. I rememberd i needed to rub my hands in order not to be waken up from the dream so i did so and became a lil bit more grounded to the dream. For some reason i was on my street near a cop car and i told the friends i was with ha this is a dream. They said wat are you talking about no!. I got out of the car i was in and jumped ontop of the cop car and started dancing. I disccused with the cop the giants game as i danced on top of the car and said how dissapointing it was that they lost last night. I tried eventually jumping really high in the air but as i remember it was dark and i was just not able to do so. YESSS i can finally click the lucid category