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    Strange wedding party

    by , 07-31-2017 at 02:38 PM (197 Views)
    So me and my team were on some secret ops mission against these guys before someone's wedding. We wer all shouting each other across a grassy field. I had a crappy pistol and everyone else had stronger weapons. I tooik cover behind a small stone wall. All the sudden everyone just stopped shooting each other. I was worried because I still had a live bullet in the gun. Anyway, they decided we would do some cave jumping next. I was selected to lead some team to the top of the cave. I had a vague understanding of the rules. Turns out we were supposed to not race to top but prevent other teams from getting their. My team lost. But then it didn't even matter cause we were all stuck at the top of this huge waterfalll inside the cave. Now it was every man ofr himself. Back at the house the groom was making the contestants preform sexual favors on him. I was next in line but when I somehow ended up there he was really high on drugs and I think had passed out.

    Before all this my dad and I were playing what I thought was super smash Merle. But the characters were all weird. There was like a garbage man as one of the characters.

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