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    weed dream and candy land

    by , 07-22-2013 at 08:39 PM (260 Views)
    had a dream i was in a hotel high up above with some friends and we were blunt smoking with a bong in rotation. then i look out the window and towards the ground and i see a zoom in shot of all these cops shooting at cars. it seemed like it was real life and i was freaking out. out from the cars comes these giant men in yellow exterminator outfits with semi automatics shooting the cops down. they kill all the patrolman and then start making there way towards the hotel at which i point i start freaking out and get outta there.

    later in the dream i went on a like smooth roaller coaster ride where you were in a single cart crusing through this mountain of candy... above the coaster were all thes hookah houses that you could grab and smoke while your riding, and the house would like travel with you until you let go. there wre all sorts of different flavors and they smoke tasted like candy

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    1. bro's Avatar
      You are a very active dreamer. Before I quit herb 2 years ago, I used to have the strangest dream experiences whilst under the influence, or soon after. Now, still after 2 years, I dream about smoking frequently. Usually the dream setting is some sort of huge 420 festival where everyone is lying on blankets, passing around blunts, filling pieces, rolling & laughing.

      It's crazy that the smoke tasted like candy...if only, right?
    2. whitedreams's Avatar
      yea the strange thing is i quit the herb about 2 years ago as well yet i occasionly still get these weird dreams. haha not sure what it is but yea i thought it would be cool if the hookah thing was real on a roaller coaster ride. like im not talking a crazy goliath fucking roaller coaster just a chill crusie