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    rome olympics plane crash

    by , 11-27-2012 at 01:13 PM (487 Views)
    i am in this posh hotel with loads of old mates. we are high up above a city which seems to be rome. there is about to be some ceremony which feels like the closing ceremony of the olympics. we have an amazing view of the city as the hotel seems to fly by the lights as evening descends. i even remark to someone that the only time i have seen such amazing views is in dreams yet don't become lucid. i spend ages trying to get a beer as the ceremony starts. as it does we all gather round the window at this fantastic overlooking view. suddenly it becomes really close and we are right in front of the performers who are dancing and singing operas in english for some reason. i am trying to record it on a shitty camera phone.

    then it changes to a plane. we struggle to climb a hill in front of us and have to perform an emergeny landing. there is a long mat laid down for the plane but it is soaking wet so we just slide along it at an incredible pace for miles. eventually we are sliding along next to this cliff, and there is a huge corner coming up that it seems we have no chance of turning round which would slam us into the cliff. this all reminds me of the coach crach dreams i've had but still no lucid. we hit the rocks but for some reason nothing really happens and we are all fine. we are all down the front of the plane and i mkae a joke about the lack of panic sex. i then go through the plane to the back and someone else in an empty section says something about having sex with her boyfriend as we were sliding along towards the rocks.

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    1. whiterain's Avatar
      oddly just turned on the radio to hear a british airways advert in italian then the tagline impressive whatever the language