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    1. spoof singing

      by , 01-28-2013 at 02:57 PM
      second dream this week involving singing. i realised that in a dream/dream memory that i had been in a spoof version of TOTP singing some joke songs with a few old mates. it took me a while to figure out if this had actually happened but i felt so awake that when i saw a replay of it i was sure it was real. we had been called in last minute to do the song and despite not having any guidance as to the nature of the show had done a silly song in a serious manner. it was rubbish but i was really excited to see how it had gone and just see us all on telly. we gathered down the road at some old friends house to watch it, but didn't tell everyone that we were on. she seemed really whacky, almost out of it for some reason.

      we watched the first few songs then it finally dawned on me that our song was probably so rubbish that they would have cut it from the end of the program. it was replaced with one my mate who is actually a singer had done for the next weeks show. it didnt fit the spoof nature of the program but was actually a really good rock song with him on guitar in the video on his own in some kind of escher staircase type video. he turned up at the house and despite being annoyed at not getting to see our song, i was chuffed for him that he had done such a good performance on telly. i tried to find the producers who were right annoying media types and they just tried to cause friction between me and my mate while i was just trying to find out if there was a copy i could watch somewhere. what i was mostly looking forward to was the spoof banter before the performance with some guy who was like tommy lee. then i realised i had a mouthful of stuff like previous recurring dreams, and i tried to pull it all out into a sink. people thought i was being sick, but i just had this mass of vegetable matter stuck in my throat. maybe just a sign of eating a bit much?
    2. instant creations

      by , 01-22-2013 at 12:09 AM
      im with some folks on the street next to mine and they are trying to fix up their front garden so they can have people over for parties. we are just doing stuff like trying to lay all this crazy paving down. somehow i become lucid and just decide to instantly transform it into this amazing club style place. i stay lucid for a long time and just go around asking people questions about themselves and their views on where we are and what we are experiencing. its as if they are really there so i ask this guy his name and say if you are real we will meet online somehow one day

      someone asks me for weed. havent smoked for a while but i decide to try to magic it out from my magic pocket. all i feel in there is some dust so i doubt my abilities. for some reason i decide that it will be easy if i just hand something to the guy and let him create it himself. i pass him some pocket fluff and as soon as he gets it it turns into a big bag of weed. i say to my brother how it somehow seems easier to create things for other people. random but enjoyable
      Tags: creation, party, weed
    3. rome olympics plane crash

      by , 11-27-2012 at 01:13 PM
      i am in this posh hotel with loads of old mates. we are high up above a city which seems to be rome. there is about to be some ceremony which feels like the closing ceremony of the olympics. we have an amazing view of the city as the hotel seems to fly by the lights as evening descends. i even remark to someone that the only time i have seen such amazing views is in dreams yet don't become lucid. i spend ages trying to get a beer as the ceremony starts. as it does we all gather round the window at this fantastic overlooking view. suddenly it becomes really close and we are right in front of the performers who are dancing and singing operas in english for some reason. i am trying to record it on a shitty camera phone.

      then it changes to a plane. we struggle to climb a hill in front of us and have to perform an emergeny landing. there is a long mat laid down for the plane but it is soaking wet so we just slide along it at an incredible pace for miles. eventually we are sliding along next to this cliff, and there is a huge corner coming up that it seems we have no chance of turning round which would slam us into the cliff. this all reminds me of the coach crach dreams i've had but still no lucid. we hit the rocks but for some reason nothing really happens and we are all fine. we are all down the front of the plane and i mkae a joke about the lack of panic sex. i then go through the plane to the back and someone else in an empty section says something about having sex with her boyfriend as we were sliding along towards the rocks.
    4. pigs hedgehogs wedding aniston peach

      by , 11-26-2012 at 02:58 PM
      first part of the dream was about keeping little pigs. they were really friendly and there was a grey one, a pink one and a japanese one which was animeesque with weird angular bone structure and advertising branded on it. also there were hedgehogs in the garden.

      then i was stressing about being made to conduct my cousins wedding. i was wearing a long tail coat and for some reason looked like the bastard child of stewart lee and russell brand as i checked my hair in the mirror.

      back home and jennifer aniston is there as i am trying on these multi coloured towel shorts things for her. then we are out in the garden and i notice we are growing peaches and one of them is ripe. i give it to her and as she bites it, the juice runs down her neck and chest....
    5. manchester sapphire cockatoo

      by , 11-24-2012 at 02:39 PM
      early wbtb this morning. then suddenly find myself in manchester with malibu and mrs. then loads more people turn up and we are all crammed onto this sofa. we plan a night out in town and try and decide where to go. major dreamsign of mixed friend groups and old manchester house crossed with my nans old place.

      then i am witha group of girls in this conservatory type house. we are drinking and having a bit of a party. one of the girls has this cockatoo which is green and blue. there are loads of other birds there too. i hate seeing birds in cages but i shut the cage just in case it decides to fly off. sapphire and her friend are there. nuff said for now
    6. sticky toffee

      by , 11-21-2012 at 11:21 AM
      starts at local park playing football with old team. loads of colourful trees surrounding us, covered in massive flowers. huge cactus by the pitch too yet still dont get lucid.

      then in town drinking after football. loads of old mates around. have a major dreamsign of neverending sticky toffee in my mouth. despite pulling loads of it out my mouth is still stuck full of it. leaving town with si and anna skipping along lifting her up. accidentally end up going the other way and i ask them about how we have managed to turn without even noticing. i start to suggest that we must be dreaming and that we turned around because we didnt really want to go home, but wanted to spend more time out with mates.

      outside the local shopping centre there have been loads of fountain pools put in to celebrate something like the olympics. there are loads of people swimming in them despite the not brilliant weather. i hear some tunes made by an old mate which seem to inspire me to want to make some more myself

      also a ver odd bit that felt like a film where this guy was getting everyone to watch him jump off this high building. it seemed like he had no chance of surviving but when he hit the floor it gave way and he went halfway into a hole which seemed to cushion his fall.
    7. crocodile map

      by , 03-29-2012 at 01:29 AM
      had a really cool and weird one last night. i was in a recurring location, but its one that i have yet to put into any context or into my dream map. often takes many repeat dreams before i remember more than a place and a feeling. this one was really special though because i tried to fit in into my dream map while still dreaming, without getting proper lucid. funny thing is all i did was drew a massive crocodile down the side of my dream map. sure it has a message to it somehow but its so hazy i cant read much into it. it could just have been a reminder to draw a new map full of the dreamsigns that i forgot. i remember being sad that i thought i had ruined my original map though

      also had a bit where i was smoking salvia with matty and j. talking to matt about feeling the blood rushing to my head. didnt really have any extreme salvia effects but it was a much more reassuring feeling than the harsh beatings i have taken from it in reality
    8. bungee cord bandits

      by , 12-09-2011 at 05:44 PM
      second dream of the week where i am in a group escaping from some kind of chasing group. first one we were in an armoured bus with bullets whizing past but last nights was more fun. was in the park (brocket) and involved in some kind of war game type op. the chasers were catching people with these bungee cord type things that they fired like arrows or something, then pulled you towards them. i never got caught despite sometimes having some trouble moving. the last thing i remember was going to hide in some little bushes with some old guy. then i floated back down and over the river to a group of old mates sat there
      Tags: bungee, escape
    9. tear ducts

      by , 12-01-2011 at 08:30 PM
      not much to report apart from being with this girl who was showing me this extra pair of tear ducts, shaped like tiny nipples on her neck/back. was trying to incubate a scandinavian type scene dream but only have vague memories of that
    10. old dreams

      by , 11-24-2011 at 12:52 AM
      just copying these from the shared section so i dont lose them again

      09-25-2011 at 11:25 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      whiterains dream

      short lucid last night. it was something like there was a ball dispenser like a bubble gum machine but big on the side of a road. it was sending out messages in balls and ideas and seemed to represent some part of the brain or something. i think it was also sending out trigger messages to be lucid and i think i ignored it briefly then suddenly caught on. it seemed like a good idea to somehow release the balls and charge the machine up. i held a ball and chaged it up somehow then smashed it into the machine to send more of these messages out. i remember looking at one of the balls and saying to my bro/mate as we left "see look at them all, some of them are ideas that we havent even had yet"

      09-19-2011 at 04:42 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      whiterains dream

      yet another restarting uni dream. there are lots of old mates from uni, but also school and loads of randoms too. i go on a hall crawl with an old school mate. i find russ in hall 4 and this arab looking guy who lives next to him with his wife. his wife is pretty hot and she takes a bit of a shine to me.

      we are all pretty hammered and siting around in this common room type thing. im sat on this sunken sofa, dead comfy in between these 2 girls. chris is there, but even after wondering why we are starting again, i dont get lucid. there is a weird zip line type thing outside. there is no way to attach to it though, so in the end i kind of attach it with barbs to my skin on my chest and swing along. no pain but weird...

      i see a massive crowd milling around some station on the way to london. i see an old mate TJ who i havent seen in years. this finally gets me lucid but i dont think of chichen itza. i just say to him that i will comealong with them for a bit. i follow them around while stabilising, but eventually it jumps back to another dream.

      the common room has turned into a bus. im chatting to alana as we watch the world go by. i remember everyone going wild when another coach comes past and i remark at how odd it seems when we are already on a bus full of hot girls.

      there is another bit with the arab couple. somehow we get involved in some kind of 3 way. the dude seems cool with it at first, but then later on he pops back up in the dream with a gun. at first i think to flee but there seems no point so i just stand my ground and face whatever is coming. he fires off one shot but as he gets closer he seems to want to talk rather than just shoot. im relieved and seem to be talking my way out of it when it fades.

      also remember smoking with vas in manc, and just being at a party in the same little bar as ever..

      09-17-2011 at 07:35 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      whiterains dream 2

      just remembered another bit. i was in a college type room with lots of others. i had a recurring thing where i have some kind of stuff like chewing gum all stuck in my mouth. as if i have fallen asleep with it in my mouth or something. its horible and i have to pull it all out with my hands which is never easy. it comes out in massive long strings and feels like it comes from deep inside me. it always feels good to get rid of it though. this time afterwards i feel like i have broken my teeth. it feels like i have really woken myself up and somehow 2 teeth are just falling out. glad to properly wake up after that one, must make both these things dreamsigns

      09-17-2011 at 06:58 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      whiterains dream

      finally getting more lucid on attempt nights! back in the usual holiday/festival/waterpark/college/school dream again. all sorts of random things going on like people doing weird greek statue type poses with some type of weapon. seemed like a bit of a joke to me. most of the rest of it just round bars doind the usual. lots of old mates involved, mostly CH JC JG UO and remember talking to others really clearly but cant recall who now. was in a uni type park that i first got lucid. saw a massive fake amanita and recalled a previous dream where it felt like i had seen a real one near there before. as i set off on my search it occured that because i was looking for an old dream, i was dreaming. luckily for only the second time i quickly remembered to head for chicken pizza.

      while searching in the undergrowth for the mushroom i had become somewhat contained in this service pipe/tunnel type thing. the roof was open but the walls were high so i decided to run along the pipe to try to launch myself off the end to fly to the pyramid. of course now i know i should have just flown without needing the run up. as i climbed onto the pipe i slipped. sometimes this would have caused problems but i managed to just deny that it was slippery which worked well for once. i ran along it at quite a speed then jumped at the end and started flying. it seemed i was already in some kind of temple type thing so didnt have much luck getting to the outside of the pyramid. pretty soon aftrer take off i switched to 3rd person perspective anyway which made the dream fade and move on.

      later on i am just in some bar again. these people sat along the wall seem to not be able to see me. i wave at one of them then wave my hands in his face and he does see me. i say sorry about that i just had to check something. he seems fine about it. then i say sometimes its just hard to tell if someone can see you in a dream or not. he looked at me starteld and said 'in a dream?' or something. then he got all panicky so i just said yeah dont worry its just a dream, just a normal dream and just tried to calm him down. he seemed to snap out of it, probably cos his mates started to take the piss or something but its hazy from here

      parts of the unlucid bit really felt like i had just had a cracking night out with old mates. also have very hazy memories of it, but i have definately been talking to loads of randoms in weird interesting locations that i dont recall from previous dreams. in an earlier part i remember having a laugh by holding this girl and swinging/sliding down the staircase of some big shopping centre. i kind of knew it was a dream but also felt like my arm would snap if i went too fast. also have a fragment where i got minorly lucid and jumped off a high platform in a work location for a quick fly around. damn it was probably a good few hours long if i could manage to string along all the parts somehow...

      09-12-2011 at 05:30 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      whiterains dream

      few memorable moments from another random holiday dream. mostly playing football on an astro pitch surrounded by fence and losing the ball over the fence. got lucid briefly and had a really good fly by jumping from this platform inside this massive building. mostly just too obsessed by girls though to have any focus for anything else. i remember people moaning at me because i was flying past the windows and they all thought i was looking in. it was a kind of church like building with odd windows. towards the end of the dream was a really odd bit with me JC and JG all by these massive speakers they were playing just 2 notes, but i t felt like i had heard it somewhere else. we were all transfixed by how these 2 notes sounded so amazing yet so simple.

      09-11-2011 at 06:39 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      whiterains dream

      a few memorable moments from last nights random epic. i bought 3 lion cubs even through i knew it was stupid. i had to try and give them to a lion sanctuary in the end and was gutted to see them go, they were really playful and still realy tiny.

      at some party/festival and everyone is sharing around food. i giv this guy something and he mutters something abut being allergic and then dies. i spend the rest of the dream in extreme guilt and get weird looks from many of the hundreds of people there. the whole thing has a real set up feel to it, like it was somehow always destined to happen

      most of the rest of it was about girls so not really worth writing up

      09-10-2011 at 10:54 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      whiterains dream

      very sketchy memory of a long holiday/festival dream last night due to tiredness. mostly spent pottering about randomly going round a mix of shops, partys and things. some of it resembled my old school which had a little surgery/docs set up in one corner. i pushed a trolley and a nurse told me it had a baby in it so i asked where the best place to leave it was. cant really write much else but the holiday location was really similar to how it often is. especially the shops and town. i remember it ended as i was walking through a farm field anad a lady was talking about the veg and the last thing she said was about the sweetcorn. she said all they needed was a bit of rain and the sweetcorn would live up to its name.

      holiday theme really common now. last last nights one was spent missing group events and wandering around on my own trying to go snorkeling in this river with a girl i liked. almost another goal made. the river is always partly the same but this time was deeper and more tropical with a little waterfall on it and plunge pools. nearly always in a similar location to other places even if the other places change if that makes any sense

      09-05-2011 at 06:32 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      Whiterains dream

      i do a wbtb for a good hour at 8 then back to bed at 9. im back at this compound that i visit often. this time it starts of as half warehouse and half garden centre. i chat with some old work mates and eventually see my old boss. he offers me a job on the nightshift so i ask around the staff to see what the nightshift is like. i start to get a really good feeling about the place and decide that i will probably come back and do the nightshift for a bit at least.

      my old car is outside and i start to go to leave. as ido this 3 girls run out and tell me to stay. the location is now at the dead end at the end of my real road. i point up the road and say that im not going far and i have the house to myself so they should all come over for a party after work. they all throw their phone numbers at me and i keep them in my pocket. the whole thing made me realise that im much more comfortable talking to girls when there are no lads about. it was all so nice and the only bit of criticism i had was that "i could smell better" but even this was more of a joke between friends.

      i never quite manage to leave unsurprisingly. i get given the tour. the basement room is really light and alongside peoples beds lie massive flower and veg beds. underneath the carpet the ground feels like it has not been flattened at all. its odd but a very nice natural feel. we walk through into the back room of the basement which turns out to be this girls bedroom. i get a really good vibe about the whole place and start to see myself living there. she explains that it gets pretty cold at times but it doesnt bother me. we sit down on her bed.

      i think other people come to get us to complete the tour. parts of it are sketchy and the order is pretty mixed up though. at some point i watch an old video about the place. in the video, old mates from uni pop up. i cant believe that they have visited and this amazement only furthers my good feelings about the place. often i have been to this place before and it has something creepy about it but i tried to inspect it all just in case.

      back in some kind of common room and i finally get lucid. the people who run the joint come in and chat with everyone. now normally the boss is the creepiest thing about this place in the dream and this time they were also the worst thing about it. they were a couple of old men dressed in slightly fruity upper class wizard type stuff. cravats and funny hats type thing. they said something about getting me to do some work before i left which would have been fine, only they didnt address me in person. this happens alot to me even in real life and i think it is something to do with people being intimidated with my size. it was pondering things such as this that got me lucid as i relised this was an odd situation to be in.

      as these guys were the only downside i decided to test out how bad they were. i got the vibe that they may stop my car working or something else to keep me there so i tested it by going outside. it wasnt really like i was stopped from leaving, but people surounded me as i approached the door. as i was lucid i knew i could go anyway so i decided to test it out and show them at the same time. i said something like well i can just leave anyway by doing this. i tried to fade out of the dream by just dropping to the floor and relaxing. this slowly started to wake me up, while also conforming to me that i was in a dream and in no danger. as i felt the dream fade i suddenly jumped up and grabbed hold of it again. the people around seemed kind of wary, but they no longer tried to stop me.

      my thoughts turned back to the girls. i dug one of their numbers out of my pocket, i suppose to show the one who had given it to me that i was interested as they had all written them on distinctive bits of paper. on this scrap of paper was a whole note which i tried to read but cant really remember what it said. i think that is about it for recall but i kept going back to the same place after each awakening. the last 2 times i went back i remember walking around the place with this tall brunette. i remarked at how tall she was because she was almost as tall as me so about 6'3ish. i never like tall girls but she was amazing with this feline, supermodel type figure. she felt like she should be more my type than the girls i was with earlier but all i remember her saying was that i should probably go back to bed. the last time i went back i was back in the common room with this young asian couple who seemed slightly wary of my yet friendly enough

      quick reminder: WBTB WBTB WBTfckinBED!!!!! aahhhh!!! should be so easy but has been really tough lately and this one has broken a bit of a dry spell in style

      09-04-2011 at 06:32 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      Whiterains dream

      finally got lucid on an attempt night. was in the garden jumping of the steps. i tried to flip and then realised i could and it was a dream. i carried on doing this for a while and ended up just spinning around in the air. then i jumped to another part of the dream and wasnt as lucid.

      other bits i remember are being in a kind of common room and seeing a friend who has just got married and chatting to her for a while. also laughing at the police because somehow they had taken out some kind of country wide computer system

      08-27-2011 at 07:13 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      Whiterains dream

      pretty interesting long dream last night that brought together quite a few different locations into the same dream. the whole feel of it was like being at some kind of summer camp and it contained parts of my local park, lake and river, and also parts of my old schools and university.

      i remember people swimming and diving in the river which was alot deeper than normal. there was also this central pool which was similar to the one i have in about 90% of dreams these days. sometimes it seeme to be a portal, others it just seems like a central focus for the dream and often dreams will end with me heading there for a swim.

      the earliest school part i remember is just being in some kind of concert. for some reason i was in charge of the organ although i had no clue what to do. it seemed no one else knew what they were doing either which made it easy to just fuck it off and say something like i dont know what you expected me to do anyway?

      after this there was some kind of demonstration/exhibition being put on outside my old village hall/football club. some how i got in trouble for having weed or something and kind of got semi arrested. i sort of talked my way out of it somehow but still remained kind of a fugitive for the rest of the dream.

      there were a couple of moments of lucidity but the dream plot was so strong that for the most part i just went along with it. i remember being in a pub and there were lads round who seemed to think i owed them something as if they had helped me to escape the police or something. there was a vague threat of chopping fingers off but i never felt at risk at all in any part of the dream.

      this old school assistant mrs carter was there and she was kind of trying to act like she had not grassed on my grass. also there were some football commentators who were like 'well its only a bit of weed i dont really se the big deal'. it was nice to have a dream where basically most people are on your side against the police for once.

      the rest of the dream was mostly about going round the school/uni/camp thing looking for girls. i remember going into this toilet cubicle with 2 girls but instantly getting caught because the cubicles were tiny. one of the last things i remember was being back near these same cubicles later and about to go off with one girl when another one says 'why dont you kiss me first' so i do and i think this is where i wake up.

      just remembered that i was visualising previous local dream locations before going to sleep so dream incubation has really worked this time. was really great to go between so many variations of real places

      08-21-2011 at 05:29 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      whiterains dream

      the first bit i can recal is quite odd. i was going through a town in the past, and people were storing albums in weird places. they were sticking them to the bottom of buildings on the side of the street for safe keeping.

      may just have been about how much more trusting people have been in the past and you can leave your door unlocked without worrying kind of thing. one guy rode past some one sticking their album to the wall and kicked sand at it to help it stick. all made sense even though i am thinking to myself did they really do this in the old days?

      08-06-2011 at 07:11 AM (Iosdp journal archive)
      WhiteRain's Dream

      well i finally got lucid on the weekend for a change which is a good start. prior to that i was just in a club with a lot of old mates and also many randoms. there was a football match going on kind of on the dancefloor with everyone watching from the sidelines. i was also kicking a ball around, and although i still had some frustrating balance issues, im definately getting better at doing these kind of things in dreams. even curling in long left footed shots. playing pool in a dream however is still damn hard. anyway the only other thing i remember before getting lucid is talking to miles from home and away. he had been a bit beat up and i told him that he could come and get me for help if he was in trouble again. i also remember smiling at these 2 unbelievably gorgeous girls but also being slightly intimidated.

      i was in a corridor with loads of old mates. i think one of them was taking the piss about money and stuff which was funny. then i think i realised that i havent seen this guy in ages so there was a good chance it was a dream. i decided to do a rc by trying to fly but my belief was not strong so i ended up just frog splashing down the corridor. once i started to float i had loads of fun doing this kind of 360 shuffle dance in the air. just spinning round upside down in this tight space was great fun. the only other bit i remember after being lucid was hearing someone mention something about people over exaggerating things. this sent me into over acting mode and i just went off on one over exaggerating things for a while. it amused me at least. unfortunately i dint think about the pyramid while lucid but ill add a little note about past dreams where it has crossed my mind.

      about a week or so back on a weekday i got lucid and decided to head straight for the pyramid. i was in a bathroom and i think looking in the mirror really helped stabilise it. either way it was one of those ones where for whatever reason you know that it will last for a few minutes at least. i managed to get out of whatever massive building i was in and decided to try and fly there. i figured if i could just get above the tree line i would just find the pyramid easily. i was running down this road and taking off like a runway. it occurred to me that i could use the towel i was wearing to help me fly/glide so i held it above my head kind of like a hang glider. it helped a bit but i only really got leve; with the trees before it started to fade

      next i am at a party at home. its more of a dull adults type thing. i wanted to eat some olives so was hunting round my kitchen for something that i can put some on to share with everyone.

      our front window has turned into a type of porch. there is some guy next door who pulls up in a massive stretch limo. the limo scrapes down the side of the porch. my mum goes to have a word but comes back saying he just wouldnt talk to her.

      i go round there to try to ask him to be more careful of the porch and it turns out he is south african and doesnt speak the best english but is nice enough and he cheerily agrees to be more careful and we shake hands.

      the only other bit i remember was just some small talk with guests telling them where toilets are and how to get to the garden where everyone at the party is hanging out
    11. lucid floating

      by , 11-10-2011 at 03:45 PM
      loads of strange moments last night. i remember being chased by some vicious red squirrels for one. someone gave me some juice and i told them about rubicon and the amazing fruits they use. my friend fell off this ledge on his bike and i realised it was dream. i floated down to help him out.

      a group of old school mates were gathered round asking me why i wasnt part of the group anymore. they were talking about some kind of money collection going round and asking why i wasnt gonna be any part of it. i just asked them to try to explain to me why they felt i had to be a part of it which they didnt seem able to do. probably because ive been thinking about the poppy thing lately. we were messing around after, and it seemed like they were trying to get me to drink something from this milk bottle. i decided to just spray it around instead which started a little ruck which i wasnt involved in. some girl was at the bottom of it so i went to find her later to apologise.

      then it got weird again. i floated up the side of this building to find her where she was sunbathing with a friend. as i got there though all i found was dust and all logic fell from my mind. i called out to her as if she was the dust but all this did was blow the dust away. this kind of made me snap back to logic and i just found the whole situation pretty funny
    12. fire and dancing

      by , 11-10-2011 at 12:46 AM
      update of my most interesting dreams of the last week or so. firstly i was outside with friends and it was freezing cold. we lit a fire and the heat from that was just amazing. more than that i just had this intense feeling of control over the elements which was an immensely freeing feeling.

      in another one i was watching a school type presentation, which was obviously complete bullshit so idecided to cause some mischeif in a funny but non threatening manner. i just got really sarcastic about how amazingly good the presentation wasnt. to the point that i even started dancing to this presentation. dancing felt so good and was the best way to just wake up the surrounding characters who were stuck sleep watching this useless crap like i was previously
      Tags: dancing, fire
    13. noise and mirror

      by , 11-10-2011 at 12:21 AM
      coupe of weird dreams last night. first on ei was in a crowd in some bar and just felt like making a noise. it started off as humming but then felt so good that i just started making this incredible noise from the belly. despite the crowd around me giving me odd looks it just seemed right, like i was retuning myself somehow i got semi lucid during this but dont remember much else.

      later i looked in a mirror and looked old and fat. one of my eyes was drooping and my hair started receding. i didnt panic like imay have done though. eventually my face turned into that of an old friend of mine which was really odd. of course being somebody else got me lucid and al i thought to do was to try and make some kind of connection to my friend. nothing much happened but i think this is the first time i have noticed myself morphing like that
    14. billie and the vatican

      by , 09-20-2011 at 12:30 PM
      couple of nice ones last night. first im at some house party and billie piper is there. she is having a good time dancing away and seems to have some good taste in music. i jump up and start to play some even better tunes and have a good old dance with billie to some drum and bass like amon tobin and some old skool classics.

      then we see the pope heading towards some secret entrance to the vatican. after he leaves we check it out for ourselves. there is a block in the wall that we have to push in for a long way until we can get in. inside its completely underwhelming with just loads of carrier bags full of wrapped up gold bars. we each grab what we can and head out before we are caught. with a view to redistributing it of course some guards head us off at the exit and i am last out, but someone shoots out this beam which somehow disables them yet allows me to run straight through it. i think it was billie who had somehow turned into some kind of superhero figure at the time
    15. fabio, thief, christmas

      by , 09-07-2011 at 02:32 PM
      did a short wbtb by just sitting up for a bit until i felt awake. recalled a long hyper real dream although the order is screwed. was at home with family and for some reason our house is on the next road down. its christmas and we have people over and have loads of food and drink about. dont remember the first time i got lucid, but was doing a bit of general floating around.

      some guy comes up to the house and nicks a bottle of something. he stes off as if i will never catch him and at first it feels like one of thise dreams where you cant move well but somehow i overcome it and catch up with him. i have some kind of stick in my hand for security. its pretty obvious that the guy is in a bit of a state so i offer to take the bottle back but go and get some more stuff that he can take on his way with him.

      i go back to the house and get some food for him, then try and find a water bottle to fill up and give to him. at some point he bites me on the arm right on my tatoo. i think im fairly lucid by now because it doesnt bother me much despite someone else hinting at the possibility of infection and stuff.

      anyway im back in the real house and recalling the past dream to my dad. its still christmas but by now ive lost lucidity because everything feels as real as day. it doesnt even strike me as odd that fabio capello and his wife are sat in our front room joining us for the holidays. it just feels so normal as fabio sits and chats to my dad i just get the feeling that this is the kind of thing he would want to do with his spare time. he's a bit dll but his wife was quite fun although i cant remember why.

      at some point the weirdness of it hits me and i exclaim oh shit im still in the dream arent i. i dont bother with stabilising techs as it feels like thers no way it will fade. i fly off for a bit and remember flying over the local river while these kids watched. i kept getting up to about 30 feet high but could never get higher than this. it was a little frustrating so i landed and tried to just stande there and charge myself up for a wile for my next attempt. the dream went on from there but im not sure how for now
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