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    Nov. 20 Dream Journal: Pimple People

    by , 11-20-2013 at 08:13 PM (543 Views)
    I am visiting my friend T's house, which is way too sitcom-looking. In this world, he is apparently a costumed superhero, and he is freaking out because he thinks someone will discover his secret identity (Paranoia is definitely his thing in real life). So we go through his house to process "evidence" of his secret life:

    • First bit of evidence is, somehow, leftover meat in a casserole dish (lol, what?), which my advice is to not leave that shit out or it'll spoil. That settles T down a little.
    • Second bit of evidence is a board game that's titled something ridiculous like "I'm Secretly a Crime Fighter" (lolol, whaaat?), in which Dream Me rationalizes something like owning a Monopoly board doesn't make me a tycoon. Wise words, Dream Me. Wise words.
    • Third piece of evidence is the severed human head of a criminal he has in his freezer (lolololol, wh-- *record scratch* wait, what?). Apparently, Dream Me already knows about this; as T is opening up his freezer, I tell him I don't need to see it, just don't keep it in your freezer anymore. I also Dream Know that T kept the head in a plastic bag.

    So now, my subconscious gets a conscience (ha! ...too soon after talking about freezer remains. I got ahead of myself), and it took form of an argument between Cartman and Kyle Broflovski about morals.

    Then shit got REALLY weird.

    My view zooms in to Kyle's face, to the point I can see the individual pimples. The pimples, who talk in Al Gore voice, are conferring with one another to stop their host body because his morals are being swayed. So now, the pimple choose to infiltate Kyle's mind, which resembles a blue room with a computer on the floor.

    Two pimple-people (hehe), a male and female dressed in tight black outfits and harnesses like rejects from a Mission Impossible remake, has snuck in, and are attempting to upload a virus into the computer/Kyle's mind. But Kyle's consciousness materializes inside himself to stop them; first, he stomps on the head of the pimple-man (symbolism alert -- also, what is up with me and head violence that night?), then pokes a hole with his fingers in the pimple-woman's side, causing her to deflate like a balloon before she could hit the "Enter" key. Mind-Kyle looks over her while she says something to appeal to him -- it seems to work, because Kyle hits the "Enter" key himself to upload the virus. The dream fades before I can find out what happens next.

    Note: There was, at one point in all this, a screen where I'm equipping items to slots like I'm playing an Flash RPG game, and having trouble deciding whether getting the bonus in X is better than the other. But I'm not sure/remember where THAT little scene fit in. I dream in video game way, way too much,
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    1. PennyRoyal's Avatar
      Hey, I had a question for you.

      When you dreamed of Carman and Kyle - Were they live depicitions of the characters, or were they cartoons in your dream?
    2. WhyAmINaked's Avatar
      Ooh, good question, and thanks for the like! Short answer is: At first, yes, Kyle is a cartoon when he is arguing. However, the inner-brain infiltration sequence version of "Kyle" is proportionally human. My theory is that at this point, he is no longer Kyle from South Park, but just another dream character.

      And now, rambling long answer -- feel free to feel your eyes glaze over while skipping this part: I recorded my entry in a manner that will be understandable to readers/me at later dates. But the specifics of that particular sequence, from what I can gather, functioned more like a series of reflective reasoning rather than visual recognition. So, my dream worked more like this (and this is conjecture that benefits from hindsight organization):

      -Head in a fridge! I sense I'm siding against my moral code for covering for my murderer-friend...

      -...Therefore, I need moral guidance! At which my brain decided Kyle will be a good metaphor to argue for the side of good, but he needs someone to argue against...

      -Unseen: ...Therefore, Eric Cartman, Kyle's most recognizable source of antagonism, is naturally arguing on the side of evil -- thus, acknowledgment Cartman was there without really seeing him.

      -At this point, I get a zooming shot into the pimples, kind of like the reverse of the ending of Men in Black when they keep pulling away until it reveals our universe were just marbles to aliens. So, for a brief flash at the beginning, I "know" I'm looking at Kyle's face. It's not vividly clear, but it's definitely a South Park cut-out.

      My theory is that this sense of ambiguity was my sub-conscious trying to preserve the dream's integrity -- it would be, after all, very jarring to have cartoon characters against a live-action backdrop. But then, I have a limited understanding of how dreams work, and I'm fascinated by how amazingly fast our sub-conscious is able to fill in gaps of information, so I welcome anyone else who has a better understanding of the how's and why's.