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    Lucid (DILD) - "Little Girl" - 15/06/2013 5:45 am

    by , 06-15-2013 at 02:48 PM (238 Views)


    I naturally wake up at 4:00 am , I get up and then write down the previous dream, go to the bathroom and go to the kitchen to have a glass of water. I lay down on my back and prepare myself to WILD , i start counting my breaths as i usually do and i wait until the rollover signals are very strong , when they are i turn over to my side and stop counting, i just get focus on my breathing .

    After this comes the weird part... i suddenly am in a dream with but i'm didn't felt any HI or hallucination that's why i think it was DILD and not WILD because as fast as the dream began i remember i was trying to WILD (in the dream ) so i do the nose plug RC and i can breath through ...


    I'm near my aunt's house, in Pousa ( is my village, where i'm from, i don't live there anymore ), I'm walking down a narrow path which is made of pavement and sand as soon i'm finished doing the RC and confirming i'm dreaming i start levitating , i know is because i'm too excited so i start controlling my breaths and i go down again , just to test a different RC i look to my hands and they are perfectly normal ... i continue to walk down the path and i get to the main road ... i know this place really well because i used to play here as a child, in my right is a Coffey place that i know as well.

    I look to the other side of the road and 3 really hot girls are passing by, i call one of them but she says no with her head ( " even in dreams this happens to me XD" I thought ), i cross the road and a pretty woman is there holding a big box in her hands. I grab her arm and cross the road again ... when i get to the other side i take her clothes off but then the weirdest thing happens... she transforms into a little girl ... i panic and wake up .

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