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    Lucid (DILD) - " Mansion" - 9/7/2013

    by , 07-09-2013 at 10:32 PM (586 Views)

    I'm coming out of some college building with my friends, we stop to wait from the rest of them in the meantime i look to a glass and i see my reflexion, I'm normal but my hair is bigger and I have reamers in my ears.

    After this I'm sitting on some grids, all my classmates are there, we are talking about our grades and two colleagues say they had 13.8 in a test to what i reply that I had 13.2 in the same test.

    In the next stage of the dream I'm in a mansion, I'm just looking around, suddenly I have the feeling that my crush is about to get in so hide myself in the stairwell, she goes up the stairs and she starts opening doors like she is looking for something.

    I climb the stairs and i see she is in a room, the door is opened, I walk in quietly and i try to scare her with a BOOOH. She doesn't even blink, we both sit on the bed and she says:
    -" We need to talk things through!"
    I'm really happy for this but this is too good to be true so i reply:
    -" I can't, because this is a dream!" ... then I think " WHAT ? WAIT A MINUTE"... I do the nose plug RC and I can breath through.

    The girl standing in front of me is now a different one, the dream starts fading so I scream and it works for some seconds but then it starts to fade again, I scream again and the girl starts screaming too and I wake up.

    Now this is the really weird/awesome/scary part when i wake up i hear someone laughing behind me and I assume is my little brother laughing at me because I was screaming, I open my eyes and a see a old man sitting on my room's chair, is a old fat man, dressed in a black suit with a white shirt. Now i Know that you are probably thinking I was having a false awakening, well I was not!!! The old man disappeared after 5 seconds and I did a RC , I was awake.

    This was really weird because I never heard about nothing like this, this doesn't fit into any category I know, I was scared as shit.

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    1. Scionox's Avatar
      Congrats on lucid!
      Stabilizing dream with screaming... that's something new, haha. As for the last part, if you are sure that you were awake then it sounds like a vivid HH.
      Don't be scared though, hallucinations can't hurt and in fact you can control and/or influence them.
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