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    Lucid(DILD)-"Parade"- 21/06/2013

    by , 06-21-2013 at 03:50 PM (521 Views)
    Introductory Note

    Today is June 21, so a month ago I started trying to have lucid dreams and so far improved a lot, I am motivated because I recently had 4 lucid dreams (5 with the dream that I describe here today), DV helped me a lot to achieve results and for that i say thank you.

    Today i went to bet at 22:30 , so i naturally wake up for the WBTB at 2:50 as usual i right down my dream
    , i go to the bathroom and I was really thirsty so i went to the kitchen to have a glass of water then i went to bed to try WILDing.

    I do my usual routine , i layed on my back and started counting my breaths as i visualize the numbers for some reason was being really hard for me to focus . That position was getting really uncomfortable so i roll over to my side. At this point i was focussing in my breathing only , a little while later i fell asleep, in my opinion this happened because i was to tired .


    I'm in the back of a big truck, is like a parade truck so i can see the street , the buildings and people watching . I feel the presence of someone on my side but i don't remember who it was ... suddenly a man appears from nowhere in the middle of the street and gets hit by the truck.

    I look back and i see the man in the floor full of blood, i jump of the truck but when i do I'm already to far away... i start getting back but I lost myself and without knowing i went to a friends house , i borrow his car so i can go look for the guy who was hit by the truck (i was very motivated on finding him), i start driving and i end up in a gasoline station.

    Suddenly i get lucid ,my awareness hits me in the face like a punch, i think about doing a RC but the dream starts fading...I'm very quick , i start rubbing my hands and screaming " DREEEEAM GET VIVID!!!".

    It works perfectly , the dream gets really stable so i look around and i see i pretty girl ... i go talk to her but she panics and a lot of people starts attacking me, the dream starts fading again and i wake up.

    After this i try to DEILD but i'm to green at it so i failed .

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    1. Zoth's Avatar
      I get so jealous when I find people managing to stabilize by shouting commands! I tried it several times a long time ago, but it never worked as well as other methods. Maybe I should give it another go ^^

      Also, great to see your improvement over time
      Wigl666 likes this.
    2. Wigl666's Avatar
      Thanks ... i'm kind of surprised with the recent flow of LD's