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    1. Lucid (DILD) - " Mansion" - 9/7/2013

      by , 07-09-2013 at 10:32 PM

      I'm coming out of some college building with my friends, we stop to wait from the rest of them in the meantime i look to a glass and i see my reflexion, I'm normal but my hair is bigger and I have reamers in my ears.

      After this I'm sitting on some grids, all my classmates are there, we are talking about our grades and two colleagues say they had 13.8 in a test to what i reply that I had 13.2 in the same test.

      In the next stage of the dream I'm in a mansion, I'm just looking around, suddenly I have the feeling that my crush is about to get in so hide myself in the stairwell, she goes up the stairs and she starts opening doors like she is looking for something.

      I climb the stairs and i see she is in a room, the door is opened, I walk in quietly and i try to scare her with a BOOOH. She doesn't even blink, we both sit on the bed and she says:
      -" We need to talk things through!"
      I'm really happy for this but this is too good to be true so i reply:
      -" I can't, because this is a dream!" ... then I think " WHAT ? WAIT A MINUTE"... I do the nose plug RC and I can breath through.

      The girl standing in front of me is now a different one, the dream starts fading so I scream and it works for some seconds but then it starts to fade again, I scream again and the girl starts screaming too and I wake up.

      Now this is the really weird/awesome/scary part when i wake up i hear someone laughing behind me and I assume is my little brother laughing at me because I was screaming, I open my eyes and a see a old man sitting on my room's chair, is a old fat man, dressed in a black suit with a white shirt. Now i Know that you are probably thinking I was having a false awakening, well I was not!!! The old man disappeared after 5 seconds and I did a RC , I was awake.

      This was really weird because I never heard about nothing like this, this doesn't fit into any category I know, I was scared as shit.
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    2. Lucid(DILD)-"Parade"- 21/06/2013

      by , 06-21-2013 at 03:50 PM
      Introductory Note

      Today is June 21, so a month ago I started trying to have lucid dreams and so far improved a lot, I am motivated because I recently had 4 lucid dreams (5 with the dream that I describe here today), DV helped me a lot to achieve results and for that i say thank you.

      Today i went to bet at 22:30 , so i naturally wake up for the WBTB at 2:50 as usual i right down my dream
      , i go to the bathroom and I was really thirsty so i went to the kitchen to have a glass of water then i went to bed to try WILDing.

      I do my usual routine , i layed on my back and started counting my breaths as i visualize the numbers for some reason was being really hard for me to focus . That position was getting really uncomfortable so i roll over to my side. At this point i was focussing in my breathing only , a little while later i fell asleep, in my opinion this happened because i was to tired .


      I'm in the back of a big truck, is like a parade truck so i can see the street , the buildings and people watching . I feel the presence of someone on my side but i don't remember who it was ... suddenly a man appears from nowhere in the middle of the street and gets hit by the truck.

      I look back and i see the man in the floor full of blood, i jump of the truck but when i do I'm already to far away... i start getting back but I lost myself and without knowing i went to a friends house , i borrow his car so i can go look for the guy who was hit by the truck (i was very motivated on finding him), i start driving and i end up in a gasoline station.

      Suddenly i get lucid ,my awareness hits me in the face like a punch, i think about doing a RC but the dream starts fading...I'm very quick , i start rubbing my hands and screaming " DREEEEAM GET VIVID!!!".

      It works perfectly , the dream gets really stable so i look around and i see i pretty girl ... i go talk to her but she panics and a lot of people starts attacking me, the dream starts fading again and i wake up.

      After this i try to DEILD but i'm to green at it so i failed .
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    3. Lucid (DILD) - " Remote Land " - 16/06/2013

      by , 06-16-2013 at 11:14 PM


      I just arrived in a car with my older brother to a remote place, i see some college guys dressed in their gown ( is the academic costume ... i really don't know i to say it in English)... i propose to my brother we prank them by shouting something to them and my brother ignores me and starts to walk on their direction ... suddenly i start to looking around and i realize i'm dreaming , for some reason i don't do a RC.

      I start walking, following my brother while i rub my hands for stabilization ( I didn't forgot this time XDD)... i pass through the college guys and go to a bar .... is a weird bar , looks like an abandoned house , there are no doors , or windows or even any furniture... all there is is walls, old wall stained by time.

      There are a lot of young people in there ... i see i guy and i recognize him, in the dream i'm sure i know him from the DV or some video tutorial i saw about Lucid Dreaming ( the truth is that i don't even know him in real life although is face looked familiar ), i address my self to him saying that we might be sharing a dream... he ignores and i think to myself " he must think i'm a DC".

      At this point a woman starts talking to me , she recognizes me .... is a old woman , dressed in black with few teeth in her mouth . I take a second look at her and she looks like a aunt of mine ( only my aunt in not that old ).

      Now i'm not sure but i think at this very moment my lucidity starts to fade away i don't realize it .

      FA 1

      I "wake up", look to my side in bed and there is a person but i can only see his silhouette ... i assume is my brother but immediately after this i do the nose plug and i know i'm dreaming ... i'm so happy about it that i start pointing my finger to the person next to me and saying :
      -" AH AH... i know i'm dreaming !!"
      The DC get's angry and starts attacking me, i get under the blanket and try to change the dream scenario ... i think of a desert ( it stupid ... i should thought on beach ) but doesn't work ...

      FA 2

      I "wake up" , i'm under the blanket, i get out and i do the nose plug and i can breath through but i'm so convinced i'm awake i do it again and again and finally i can't breath through so i think i'm awake ... i look to the ground and i see a digital camera , i pick it from the floor and i wake up .
    4. Lucid (DILD) - "Little Girl" - 15/06/2013 5:45 am

      by , 06-15-2013 at 02:48 PM


      I naturally wake up at 4:00 am , I get up and then write down the previous dream, go to the bathroom and go to the kitchen to have a glass of water. I lay down on my back and prepare myself to WILD , i start counting my breaths as i usually do and i wait until the rollover signals are very strong , when they are i turn over to my side and stop counting, i just get focus on my breathing .

      After this comes the weird part... i suddenly am in a dream with but i'm didn't felt any HI or hallucination that's why i think it was DILD and not WILD because as fast as the dream began i remember i was trying to WILD (in the dream ) so i do the nose plug RC and i can breath through ...


      I'm near my aunt's house, in Pousa ( is my village, where i'm from, i don't live there anymore ), I'm walking down a narrow path which is made of pavement and sand as soon i'm finished doing the RC and confirming i'm dreaming i start levitating , i know is because i'm too excited so i start controlling my breaths and i go down again , just to test a different RC i look to my hands and they are perfectly normal ... i continue to walk down the path and i get to the main road ... i know this place really well because i used to play here as a child, in my right is a Coffey place that i know as well.

      I look to the other side of the road and 3 really hot girls are passing by, i call one of them but she says no with her head ( " even in dreams this happens to me XD" I thought ), i cross the road and a pretty woman is there holding a big box in her hands. I grab her arm and cross the road again ... when i get to the other side i take her clothes off but then the weirdest thing happens... she transforms into a little girl ... i panic and wake up .
    5. Lucid (First WILD) - "Burlesque Dancers"- 13/06/2013

      by , 06-13-2013 at 10:35 PM


      I just woke up from the previous dream , i preform a RC and i'm awake, i look at the time and is 5:00 am ... i have to get up at 6:30 so i think is not a good idea to get up to do the WBTB... i decide to sit in the bed and write my dream in my phone and then casually try to WILD because i have to get up soon so i need to sleep some more...i lay down and start to counting my breaths, soon enough i stop counting and just focus in my breathing, a little beat later my consciousness gets concentrated in this idea... " The next time a dream forms it self in front of my eyes i will wait and remain aware!"...i remember being really determined about this...
      First i think i hear my little sister in my room but i know it could be an hallucination (it was)... then i feel some one trying to get in the bed... someone small so again i think is mi little sister but i know it could be an hallucination (it was) so i stay putt and wait , if i feel someone touches me is probably my little sister.

      After this random images start crossing my vision, and i hear a voice asking me " What is the girl you want me to make appear for you? " ... after this i'm in a dream...


      I'm fully aware i'm in a dream... i'm lying on a short wall ... the previous voice becomes a woman, a burlesque dancer, after i could respond to her question my mind took care of it ... a image of a girl appears like a photo in a wall in the right side of the dancer( is a girl that goes to the same college i do, she used to sit near me on the bus).

      At this point i didn't move because i feel the dream is not very stable so i wait...the dancer starts dancing in a weird way, she is dancing in front of a door and the dance is like a ritual to summon the girl, really soon another burlesque dancer appears and joins her in the dance(they both were wearing purple clothing).

      Now i feel the dream is more stable so i do the hand RC... AND DAMN... i have midget fingers, yes fingers not hands just the fingers ( AWESOME XD ) ... i stop a second and touch the concrete wall and feel it, is so real.... after this the dream starts fading and i wake up.


      It was an amazing experience as i thought it would be ... now that i succeeded at WILD once i just want do do it better. I really need to start stabilizing right at the beginning.