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    Non Lucid - " Being Punished" - 13/06/2013

    by , 06-13-2013 at 09:39 PM (270 Views)

    I'm in a friends house, i notice that is 4:30 am is so late, then i remember that i did not warned my mother about being out so late...

    Next thing i'm home for some reason my older brother takes my phone away from me then my mom tries to take my laptop, she wants to punish me ( so i assume), i grab an end of the laptop and pull, she pulls harder and i let go because i don't want to damage it.

    After this i go to bed, for some reason i'm sleeping in the same bed as my older brother... get get really irritated by the situation ( the laptop situation) , i get up and go to my mother room and start screaming at her like a dumb ass teenager making stupid threats, she ignores me.

    I'm now somewhere in a house i assume to be mine and i think to myself that in the next day my mother will be operated and I will be upset with her.

    I look to my right side, in the floor is a lot of pringles and i start to eat them, i realize water is falling from from the ceiling
    and i'm getting all wet, my older brother is laughing at me .

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