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    Non Lucid - " Conspiracy " - 17/06/2013

    by , 06-17-2013 at 07:47 PM (384 Views)
    I'm in a college class room , i look around and i see all of my college mates , i'm going up the stairs to get out using the back door. I'm stopped , one of my colleagues is standing in front of the door and immediately
    understand what's going on .

    Every time i try to get out my friend push's me ... i start getting really angry so i use all my force and i get him out of the way, he jumps to the floor and starts pretending he's hurt then he starts screaming :
    -" Help ! Help! Joel just punched me in the stomach!"
    He was waiting for my reaction , every body starts putting the blame on me and two guys grab me by my arms and pull me to the lower level of the room where i can see the all class.

    Every one is condemning me , like i was in medieval court and they wanted me to die by hanging , suddenly a friend of mine stands up from his sit and says :
    -" It was not him !" just this, he has such an authority that every body shuts up and the guys let me go.

    After everything calms down i start thinking i was caught in a trap , so i want revenge , i turn over to the plotter of the conspiracy and i say :
    -" I will have my revenge but unlike you i will not fail" , i'm really nervous for confronting him , after this i wake up.

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