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    Non Lucid - " Hot Blonde" - 11/06/2013

    by , 06-11-2013 at 01:28 PM (216 Views)
    I'm in some residential building looking for a blonde woman that i met the other day ( in the dream not in real life ), in the dream i knew her name but now i cant' remember it . In this "other day" she flirted with me in lobby near to the elevator, so now i'm looking for her so i get to know her better ( if you know what i mean XD).

    I'm in the lobby and i ask a man :
    -" Can you please tell me where does the blonde woman lives ? "
    To which the man responds:
    -" Oh... of course ... she lives in the third floor!"

    I run up the stairs until i finally get to the third floor, i see a open door so i go threw the door, is a medical doctor's office, so i think " that fucking bastard deceived me !!! " so i turn i round but before i could go away a short fat man grabs my arm and says:
    -" What you're doing heir?" ( like in a creapy way) to what i respond :
    -" Sorry i entered heir by mistake!" once more i try to go away but the fat man doesn't let me go and continues:
    -" Now you have to talk with the doctor!", i look to the end of the room, their is a man in a table and assume is the doctor, i'm really angry with the situation so i say loudly:
    -" Hey ... let me go man ...!!", I struggle to free myself, then i realise is a man hiding behind a structure with curtains so i guess he is the doctor and i start insulting him :
    -" You fucking peace of shit... come on doctor...come heir you chicken shit , are you afraid?, come out you fucker!!!"

    After this i woke up.

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