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    Non Lucid - " Hugo Chavez" - 11/06/2013

    by , 06-11-2013 at 02:36 PM (267 Views)

    In this dream i'm part of a special team wich aims to stole a secret list from President Hugo chavez, our plan is to infiltrate an agent as a female interviewer in a talkshow. She is a fat woman dressed like a office secretary, she has to convince him to meet her outside the studio after the interview.

    Everything is going right but another infiltrated operative is discovered so we have to abort the mission , me and my friend ( she is my friend in real life) run down some stairs, we are now by the road ( a road i know is next to a old house of mind), next thing i know my friend appears from nowhere with a car... she is behind the wheel... is a grey car... she tell me to get in but before i could she goes away, while she goes away she screams:
    - " WAIT HEIR FOR ME !"

    So i did, I leaned against a wall and waited . While i wait i look arround me , there are a lot of bikers arround me , i start to hear an argument between two of them, i will refer to them as "fat guy" and "small guy" .

    Fat guy:" You know , you should go on the front because you are so little!" , he laughs.
    Small guy: " What did you say? ", small guy punchs fat guy in stomake...

    Then they start to fight , is weird because they are almost frendly while fighting.

    I wake up .

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