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    Non Lucid - " Late for the Test" 12/06/2013

    by , 06-12-2013 at 10:17 PM (230 Views)

    I'm in a house that does not exist in real life but in the dream is my house, i walk arround the house looking for clothes because i have to catch the 7:10 bus so i don't get late to my test ( i'm really having this this friday ). While i look for clothes i'm talking to my older brother (is the more more consistent dream sign i have) about he having to study more because is grades are to low ( is not even in school anymore), for some season we go outside to the garden, is a giant garden, i'm steel talking to him but when i look back he's gone.

    Instead of him is a gardener working behind me then i hear someone crying for me, i go to the front door of the house and their are a group of 5 korean guys, i recognize thim as being my room mates, one of them tells me i'm late, i ask him what time is it and e tells me 6:46. I go inside the house and start looking for something decent to wear but i can't find anything.

    I go to one of my friends room and i see some sweats in the floor ,i know they are not mine, suddenly i hear a noise, i look back and i see a shadow in form of a bicycle, after that i person appears and i realise is is a colleague of mine.

    I ask him if he's not going to the test... he says it depends and starts laughing... i find that strange because in real life is widely applied, once more i ask for the time ... he says 7:04 and i realise i'm too late.

    After this i wake up and right down the dream but when i good to bed is to late to WILD so i just say my MILD mantra and fall asleep again ... the dream is the continuation of the one before.

    I'm arriving the house i discribed before, in the middle of the corridor is a mattress and sitting in it is a girlfriend of a friend of mine... she is upset about something, i go to her and i realise in the room by her side is my crush from college and some guy that rides the bus with me... next thing i'm hearing my friend's girlfriend complaining about something and i start changing my clothes in front of her.

    After this i wake up.

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