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    Non lucid - " My Crush " 9/7/2013

    by , 07-09-2013 at 09:52 PM (409 Views)
    I'm in a clothes store and i realise my crush from college is there, i look at her but she ignores me, for some reason i'm sitting in a black bad right in the middle of the store. I get up and i start walking towards her, and i ignore her, i walk more three steps and i see a girls that i assume is her older sister.

    My crush calls me, she is now sitting on the bed, I sit beside her and we kiss when we stop kissing she is a completely different and I ear someone call for Dinis.

    In a next stage of the dream I'm in a bus, I'm looking for a free sit but i can't sit because is raining a lot inside the bus. I arrive in a train station, I know this because i ear a conversation about a train that goes from Brasil too Japan, i look closer around me and this train station really looks like the bus station of my city.

    I see a friend of mind, it looks like he is fixing a car, suddenly his girlfriend arrives in a expensive car like a Mercedes and i noticed she is wearing my John Lennon sun glasses and i say it to my friend, when she gets out of the car i ask for them.

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